Ruling Elite Decline Surrender Option

It seems the ruling elite have declined the option to surrender. This saddens me but is not a shock or even a huge surprise. When the surrender option presented itself a couple of months ago it seemed a long shot and although it moved steady higher in probability as time went by and was neck and neck down the stretch with lots of support within the ruling elite, the hardliners won out and the surrender option was declined.
In view of this free will choice, the Light is now regrouping and deciding how best to proceed. There is of course the mass arrests option and less obviously, there are other options as well, with smaller numbers of arrests and a more incremental approach. I am not involved in this planning and will not speculate further.
Instead, I will report my experience on the solstice, June 20th here in Calgary. The universe arranged for me to meet my daughter for supper downtown and I chose to walk, taking a route past my favorite tree, Ashram. My daughter and I were meeting right around the time of the solstice moment when the sun was at its furthest point north so my meeting with Ashram was a couple of hours before the solstice moment at a critical time for the ruling elite’s surrender deliberations. I thought there might be fireworks of some sort but the meeting was all rather low key.
The underlying message from Source as delivered through Ashram was, ‘John, you are asking surrender of others; surrender yourself. Empty yourself of your attachments to the surrender option. It is not your choice to make and whatever choice is made will be workable. You serve this situation best by surrendering your attachments to the surrender option.’ Okay, I can do that and that is what I did. I continued to hold space for the surrender option but surrendered my attachment to it; and in so doing realized that the other options are entirely workable.
I now want to spend a little time in the shoes of the ruling elite. As I step into those shoes, at the level of their higher self, I can see the service they are providing to humanity and to the universe. They are well aware they are fighting a losing battle. That handwriting has long been on the wall. The service is in providing an example of an intransigent force opposing the Light and using their free will and all the resources at their disposal to stand firm in their resistance. Many planets and many solar systems across this galaxy and across the universe are in similar situations with an indigenous population subjugated and enslaved by ET masters and the ruling elite is making humanity’s liberation the stiffest test they can provide to maximize the lessons learned. I thank them for their intransigence.
A variety of reports suggest the ruling elite is out of options and unless they surrender, a bleak future awaits them. When I step into their shoes; that is not what I find. What I find is the universe’s magic in providing the best possible learning experience for the Light when faced with intransigent darkness. When all this is said and done, those leading the intransigence will be moved aside and their considerable capabilities for influencing humanity will be disabled. That serves us all. That serves the greater good. What happens to the souls of these intransigent ruling elite leaders is not up to humanity to decide and not up to any of our ET supporters to decide. What happens to the souls of these intransigent ruling elite leaders is up to Source.
I firmly believe we are all guaranteed to return to Source and when I step into the shoes of the ruling elite, I can feel Source and Source’s guarantee. I can also sense that their choice to decline surrender is serving humanity and serving the greater good by providing a lesson that was not otherwise available. As such, their path back to Source is still there and will be followed later, either in this lifetime or in some other lifetime. The threats made to their soul are all hollow threats, made by those not in a position to carry them out.
It is similar in a way to the dark’s attempts to influence Lightworkers through torture and death. At the level of our soul, these attempts are futile. At the level of our soul we are individually sovereign.
Freedom for humanity…

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