Ousting the Ruling Elite from Love

People give off differing energies relative to the ousting of the ruling elite. To me it is the difference between love and fear/hate and my target is to keep my energies in the energies of love. I have a lot of experience standing in my power and of being loving at the same time. It is a matter of serving the greater good. I learned to do this in the fifteen month period my ex and I lived together knowing I planned to leave in May of 2008. She tried everything she could think of to change my mind. It was all fear based and I just stayed in love, refusing to pick up the fear based threads she threw out. In effect, I held up the mirror and several times she would come to an abrupt halt during a fear based rant and that thread would not come up again. In this way, we transcended all her fear and there was only love left. Love and understanding and the understanding was that each of us wanted different things out of life and staying together was not serving either of us.

Since learning this technique, I have had several opportunities to use it and each time the result has been the same. My sovereignty and my agenda respecting individual sovereignty prevails and those attempting to impose their agenda get to look in the mirror and see themselves as they are behaving; and they do not like what they see.

To the ruling elite I say, ‘I love you, but I am no longer willing to have you rule the roost. It is time for your agenda of control and exploitation to end and it is time for the Light’s agenda of oneness and abundance to prevail. You have declined the option of surrender, so we will be ousting you by whatever means are necessary. We do this out of the power of love, the strongest power in the universe. :)’

There we stand, my friends. Straight and tall; and we have the greater good in our court. No one, not even the ruling elite themselves is arguing that their continued power serves the greater good. It is time for change, and the kind of change that serves the greater good, which also serves Ascension both of Gaia and of humanity.

After learning the ruling elite had declined the option of surrender on the solstice, I went for a long walk the next night and cleared my disappointment. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you prefer and we just have to accept what is and get on with it. The target has not changed; we are still ousting the ruling elite and ending their negative influences on human life. That agenda is still very much in progress.

The ruling elite’s choice to decline the surrender option has shifted things. By cosmic law they have to be offered a surrender option and now that they have declined that option, the supportive ET’s can participate as humanity ousts the ruling elite by force. Already information is coming to Light about ET technology to incapacitate the ruling elite while the arrests are being made so they will not be able to proceed with their Armageddon intentions.

My role is not clearly defined but I do know how to stand in the power of love while at the same time insist on my right to my agenda. My agenda is the ousting of the ruling elite and I do this from love, love of self, love of humanity, and love of the ruling elite.

Yes, love of the ruling elite. It is soul destroying to engage in practices that target the subjugation and control of others and that has been the ruling elite’s policy all of this lifetime to date and the policy of their DNA for millennia. From love, I cannot allow that to continue and will do whatever is mine to do in terms of ending the ruling elite’s reign.

I will also do whatever is mine to do in terms of rehabilitation of those affected by the ruling elite’s machinations. What that is requires a bit more thought.

Thank you for your support, my friends. I have my stand firm boots on and they stand firm in the power of individual sovereignty, backed by the power of LOVE; the strongest power in this universe.

Freedom for humanity…

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