Can I Watch my own Funeral

My middle daughter, Berdeen, is pregnant with her first child, expecting in August. Her husband’s father, Joe, has had heart problems and steadily deteriorating health over the past year or two. He died on Monday of congestive heart failure. My oldest daughter, Tamara, planned to go to the funeral and I began to get information that I was also to attend the funeral and had some service to provide. The widow kept coming to mind but no further information was given me. My daughter welcomed the company and off we set.

Tamara’s world view is similar to my own and I updated her on the fast changing Ascension landscape and especially a new player who calls themselves Cobra who is providing intelligence targeting ousting the ruling elite. Cobra talks of an as yet undiscovered Planet X that is home to 20 million human supporters in the ousting campaign, but was evasive when asked if this planet was Niburu, home of the Anunnaki, the ET civilization who genetically reengineered humanity into semi-consciousness. I asked my guides for confirmation when I first heard this and none was forthcoming.
In my talk with Tamara, the pieces fell into place and the new understanding was confirmed. The mysterious Planet X is inner Earth, home of the Argarthans who are humanity’s sister civilization and our supporters in ousting the ruling elite.
In my understanding, the Anunnaki are now members of the Galactic Federation of Light and have been helpful in the work of restoring humanity’s DNA to its original capabilities, thus facilitating awakening and Ascension. There are links between the Anunnaki and Cobra’s bad guys, the Archons but also divergences and this intelligence and related history is not yet available. The Anunnaki seem a shade of grey, having also provided a service to humanity back in the 1990’s by preventing a full blown Draconian invasion of Earth when that was being considered by the Dark.

Nothing unusual happened at the funeral until Tamara and I were seated. Although I had only met Joe on two or three occasions, Joe’s spirit came visiting and asked me if he could witness the funeral thru my being. He chose me because I was willing and knew how and it did not freak me out as it would many others. I said that would be fine and I let him in; knowing he would leave when the time was right and that I could evict him whenever I chose, in accordance with cosmic law. I have served in this capacity on one other occasion, a woman friend named Carla, so it seems it is quite common for souls to want to witness their funeral and do so from the human perspective of being in a body.
I became very emotional, shedding some tears and generally targeted to facilitate Joe’s experience without filtering it through my normal filters. I invited him to stay as long as he wanted but knew I would ask him to leave if he stayed past the reception to follow. It was a Catholic service with lots of stuff to which I object, but acting as Joe’s host, I suspended my normal thinking process and was just ‘there for him.’
An awesome way to attend a funeral. His two sons’ gave the eulogy and it was very moving, and of course, hosting Joe made it even more so. The service has a kind of dedication of the soul to God near the end and Joe chose that occasion to leave.
He also had a short message for his wife which I delivered to her at the reception that followed. The message was, ‘Thank you for all you did for me. I am doing fine in the afterlife.’ She was very appreciative and sought me out as we were leaving to thank me and give me a response in case Joe came visiting again. I explained that Joe had been there to witness the funeral and was very unlikely to visit again.

On the way home, I had very bad breath according to Tamara and my knowing is that was somehow related to the work of hosting Joe. Other than that, it was all good. All part of being in service, all part of raising the consciousness of humanity, all part of humanity’s Ascension.

Freedom for humanity…

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