David Icke

I watched a recent interview, within the last month, with David Icke yesterday and feel guided to make some observations. David is a true icon of the human Light movement and humanity’s primary whistle blower in terms of the ruling elite’s transgressions.
I am not a David Icke junkie and have only read one of his books, his first called and the truth shall set you free so I am by no means an expert, but would like to pay tribute to this brave and determined Lightworker who has done so much and continues to work full time on behalf of the Light and on behalf of humanity’s freedom.
His awakening began when he was a young television reporter and in about 1990 he had a mystical experience in Peru that forever altered his life. He was informed of his life’s work, to expose the ruling elite and their support system and to be part of humanity’s liberation. I saw an early interview he gave with a mainstream interviewer who made mincemeat of poor naive and newly awakened, young and beautiful David Icke. That began a several year period where he was publically ridiculed as he courageously soldier on with his message, being treated by the mainstream media as a lunatic which spilled over into both his public and private life.
He wrote the book I read over the next three or four years, all the time receiving guidance and doing his research as taught him by his training and occupation which was soon taken from him. After getting turned down by several publishers because his book was ‘too dangerous’, he started his own publishing company and self published, thus beginning his new livelihood as a self published writer.
When I hear David’s opinion on something I pay close attention. His research is first rate and his guidance is impeccable. That included his take on the Gulf oil spill in 2010. I believed his claim that the ruling elite had created the spill and targeted severe damage to the Gulf region and all that took place thereafter made much more sense. The ruling elite’s nefarious plan was soon derailed as nuclear weapons were not permitted and the spill soon began to damage the ruling elite by awakening more and more people and that was the reason it was eventually stopped, something that was always a simple matter of mud and concrete.
His June interview is essentially an hour and a half of David’s current views. Very entertaining and informative. Rare is an opportunity to hear truth about the taboo subject of the ruling elite (David uses terms like Cabal and Illuminati, but it is the same people) from the greatest living expert on the subject.
One observation has to be made. In the entire hour and a half, David never once mentioned the supporting ETs or how close humanity is to ousting the ruling elite. It seems likely he is aware of the supporting ETs but chooses to ignore that steam of influence. In terms of whistle blowing, they are not yet a factor and David is quite right that humanity’s route to freedom is through consciousness and through each of us taking back our power and becoming heart centered. Becoming heart centered and raising humanity’s consciousness is well advanced, more advanced in my opinion than even David realizes. In fact, this work is so advanced that it has already resulted in the Light’s victory over the ruling elite.
That victory is what has allowed the supporting ETs to become more active in this matter and allowed them to bring their technologies of prevention into play. Already, humanity is being protected from the ruling elite’s use of explosives against civilians and already, the ruling elite’s new schemes for generating fear and negatively are being nipped in the bud and prevented from happening. The basics remain in place like the parasitic banking and taxation systems, and the controlled media so we get only the news the ruling elite wants us to hear; but new schemes to generate fear and disempowerment are being prevented.
In fact, humanity is on the cusp of a major coupe that will oust the ruling elite and forever end their exploitation and enslavement of humanity. David did not go there in his interview except some references to a knowing within him that the ruling elite will not succeed and their house of cards will at some point come tumbling down. Oh, so right you are David: and that time is soon, very soon.
Freedom for humanity…

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