Ousting the Ruling Elite, an Update

A week ago today, at the summer solstice, the ruling elite’s deadline for voluntarily surrendering to the Light came and went. The ruling elite declined to surrender and the onus for action became the Light’s. For many months, the Light has had a well developed plan to oust the ruling elite against their will. This plan calls for arrests of the leaders of the ruling elite and their chief henchmen and the roll out of disclosure of the helping extraterrestrials and their suppressed technologies of abundance and healing.
This blog intends to update the Light’s plan and its current status. The biggest impediment to rolling out the ousting plan is the ruling elite’s control over the world’s media and their intention to flood humanity with propaganda painting these ousting efforts as a hostile takeover by aliens. The masses of humanity are well conditioned for the hostile takeover scenario, for instance no less than four current movies include this theme in their storyline (coincidence you think?) and the ruling elite plan to play up these well conditioned fears to the max, painting their ousting as the precursor of an alien led hostile takeover. In truth, the ruling elite are the ones who have perpetrated the hostile takeover and enslaved humanity but their iron clad control of the media has not allowed this truth to be even mentioned, let alone well known.
The Light is well aware of these media plans and a big part of the Light’s ousting plan is to take control of the media and broadcast the Light’s truth rather than allow the ruling elite’s propaganda to continue to dominate humanity’s air waves and newspapers. When the surrender option was still being considered, this was part of the negotiations, now it is part of the ousting plan.
The ousting scenario is entirely legal. All of the arrests will have warrants and the Light will temporarily take over governance as the various governments either step down voluntarily or are deposed by legal means. With the entire world governance based on illegal interest and illegal taxes funneling the world’s wealth into the hands of the ruling elite, the legal platform for deposing existing world governments is easy enough to establish and all will be done in accordance with common law. In the United States, this is constitutionally enshrined and in other countries the legal platform for government change is based on common law and the ousting plan is founded on the fact that our basic common law rights have long been routinely violated.
Closely following the arrests and governance shifts will be disclosure where our ET and inner earth allies are introduced to humanity and their abundance technologies begin to be made available. Our inner earth allies, the Argarthans are a sister civilization and entirely human in every way and they are playing a central role in the ousting planning and in the roll out. The Argarthans already operate at the ascended level and have been instrumental in the planning process, having long shed the shackles of the ruling elite and their former off world supports. The Argarthans will once again walk among us and provide leadership in terms of humanity’s ascension.
Our various ET supporters have a great deal of abundance technology that falls into three main categories: replicators, communicators, and healing devices. Replicators allow us to instantly manifest our survival needs by replicating meals, clothing, shelter, etc. which will end poverty worldwide as these devices become part of everyone’s everyday experience. Communicators are like cell phones except they are free of charges and use safe free energy to operate. Healing devices will heal individuals of various maladies, many of which are artificially created; and pave the way for rejuvenation which is part the human birthright.
My intention remains to do whatever I am guided to do in terms of expediting the ousting of the ruling elite and creating an orderly transfer of power to the Light. It should be noted that the Light is targeting a transition of power, not a replacement of the current power structure. All highly evolved societies are based on individual sovereignty where governing bodies play a coordinating role rather than a central role in human affairs and where each individual is sovereign. With all our survival needs taken care of, each of us will work only because we choose to and we will naturally evolve toward living our mission and serving in the ways we intended when we chose this embodiment.
Does this sound like Heaven on Earth? It sure does to me.
Freedom for humanity…

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