Ousting the Ruling Elite: Green Light?

Yesterday, I updated the plans for ousting the ruling elite and a short summary seems in order. At the summer solstice, about a week ago, the ruling elite declined the Light’s offer for them to surrender and begin an orderly transfer of power. The age of duality ended on October 28, last fall and the ruling elite have been ruling on borrowed time since then with ever decreasing options. Our skies are filled with supportive ET with far superior technologies who have prevented the ruling elite from creating the kind of artificial emergence for which they are well known.
The Light has developed a legal plan to oust the ruling elite and have ample evidence of criminal activity gathered by ET technologies that have videotaped private meetings and conversations where these criminal activities were planned and discussed. The Light’s plan is to make worldwide mass arrests of the entire ruling elite leadership along with their key henchmen in various branches of the covert world governing agencies which include key figures in politics, in militaries, in banking, and in business. Humans will be making the arrests backed by the superior technologies of our supporting ETs. The plan includes taking control of the world’s media, long controlled by the ruling elite, and broadcasting the Light’s agenda which is to forgive debt and introduce suppressed technologies of abundance, including healing technologies that will return people to their birthright of perfect health and pave the way for rejuvenation and raising consciousness by reversing the limitations placed on humanity’s consciousness. The ruling elite have lost all their off world support over the past fifteen years and is powerless to prevent this plan’s success.
When the ruling elite declined the Light’s surrender option a week ago, cosmic law allowed for greater intervention by ET supporters but the lead must still come from humans. All this is in place and we have been awaiting the green light. Various sources began to report late yesterday that the green light has either been given or will soon be given and the roll out of the plan is in the offing.
As it now stands, the United States is the birthing ground for the ousting of the ruling elite. They have a constitutionally enshrined method of legally throwing off tyranny and all the paper work is completed and in place. The US is also a hotbed of ruling elite influence which includes most governing bodies where their henchmen have been elected, supported by the controlled media and various dirty tricks. The wild card is Obama and various sources are naming him as a covert supporter of the Light and a key figure in the legal unfolding of the plan.
Much repressed information is now coming to light and one source is the Ashtar Command, trouble shooters from the center of the Universe where Source dwells, and part of the Light’s armada in our skies, supporting the ousting of the ruling elite. The Ashtar Command is saying the ruling elite are a separate species incapable of love and here in violation of cosmic law as they have not earned the right to live among humanity. Some will be taken off planet and tried for crimes committed in other jurisdictions and all will be prevented from influencing humanity from the date of the arrests forward.
Whether the green light has already been given or will soon be given does not matter in the big picture. We will all soon be witness to massive changes. Canada celebrates Canada Day on July 1 (Sunday) and the US celebrates Independence Day on July 4 (Wednesday). By then we may well have witnessed mass arrests and be in the midst of the unfolding of this beautiful plan to free humanity and usher in the golden age. The ousting of the ruling elite is a critical step but is really only a precursor of the soon to come major changes related to Ascension both for this beautiful planet and for humanity as we move en masse into the higher dimensions and individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity will become our shared experience. What glorious times we live in.
Freedom for humanity…

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