Ousting the Ruling Elite by Containment

I was out of touch electronically for nearly 60 hours on the weekend, spending a couple of days at the lake home of my ninety year old mother at a family gathering. When I left, there were a few reports that the green light had been given to oust the ruling elite and many more reports doubting that the green light had been given.
My experience at the lake was relaxing but mixed with an ongoing inner sensation of shifts and energies related to the ousting and to Ascension preparations. I have not had any direct involvement at the conscious level since the solstice when the ruling elite declined the surrender option, and do not have direct information about the nature of the shifts presently taking place within me. Adjusting to shifts and energies has been my ongoing experience over the past several months, sometimes related to assisting change outside of myself and sometimes simply a matter of shifts and integrations taking place internally as my physical vehicle is prepared in some way for life in the higher dimensions.
A year or so ago, I was ‘taught’ to keep a third eye focus and this has resulted in a more or less continuous experience of energies interacting with my third eye chakra. On some days this is fairly intense while on other days, it is a background sensation and does little to interfere with my normal routines which include writing the blog. On the intense days, I experience very low motivation levels, often taking naps and not venturing far from home. Today is an intense day and I am surprised to be writing my blog. Perhaps informing people of my inner experience is an important aspect of the way showing I am to do.
As far as the ousting of the ruling elite, I find myself feeling very patient at the present time. I want an orderly process with no violence and a minimum of disruption as the ousting takes place and the ruling elite are removed from their ability to negatively influence humanity. No violence seems to me to be a critical element in this momentous change since the new age is founded on the foundation created by the ousting. Violent beginnings create shaky foundations for whatever is to follow. The ruling elite have been very adept at moving in behind violent transitions and installing regimes that follow in the ousted regime’s footsteps. I am holding space for a non-violent ousting.
In some reports the ousting is underway and in one that caught my attention, the ruling elite are to be ‘contained’ rather than arrested. This uses ET technology that contains targeted individuals and prevents them from acting on harmful or control oriented intentions. They can take beneficial actions but nothing else. Containment takes us through the tricky period of ousting the ruling elite and transferring power including the shifts to the world’s financial systems and the resignations of regimes supporting the ruling elite without risking harmful actions such as the use of weapons for nefarious purposes or in attempts to support the ruling elite. I have no idea how it works but the report invited us to watch known ruling elite puppet masters to see how they act when under containment. Now that is a non-violent approach since these people can perform actions of surrender and actions supporting the Light’s takeover but are powerless to perform anything other than beneficial actions.
Once the shifts are complete, the contained individuals are removed for trial or for rehabilitation and things like disclosure and abundance technologies begin to be introduced. This has all the desirable features I want to see such as a non-violent ousting and an orderly transfer of power, so I am fully on board and holding space for this process to be completed. According to the report, this process began on June 25, a few days after the solstice and continues as we speak. The ruling elite, and their minions in banking, in government and in industry are all contained rather than arrested and the shift is underway. Thus far, the controlled press remains unresponsive to the ongoing shifts but the shifts are none the less happening.
I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this report but my signals are confirming that this is the approach being used and it will all break in due course. When it breaks, the world will already have shifted and the ruling elite will no longer be influential. I have always felt that control of the media would have to happen first but in this scenario, the shifts happen unreported and the media catches up later. Awesome stuff.
Freedom for humanity…


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