The Magic of Containment

I first heard about ‘containment’ about twenty four hours ago and my first reaction was, ‘Boy, that would be nice, but the reality is mass arrests. Let’s get on with it!!!’
There was a tremendous amount of energy in my space, all around me and within me, and I was guided to take a nap. When I woke some two hours later, the energy was still there and I was very unmotivated but guided to write. I did not know what I was to write and started with my experience. Containment had already been relegated to the dustbins of my mind and I was surprised when I began to write about containment. Writing has a way of unearthing truth for me and as I wrote I began to get confirming signals that containment was for real, even ‘truth jolts’; a shudder that originates between my shoulder blades and signals that something is Truth.
After completing my blog and posting it called Ousting the Ruling Elite by Containment I went walking and confirmation continued. I also asked to better understand it all before going to bed and woke this morning with further confirmation. I am convinced. Containment is reality. Containment is happening, right here, and right now.
Here is what happened. The battle for humanity’s shared timeline has been fought in consciousness, where such battles take place. That battle was won by the Lightworkers. Most of humanity sat on the sidelines, unaware they could take part in this battle, but none the less, the Lightworkers collectively outweighed the consciousness of the ruling elite and their allies and humanity’s timeline was tipped into a bright future of freedom and abundance.
The ruling elite chose to oppose this collective decision and by the spring equinox, the die was cast. The ruling elite would be ousted from power and their duality systems would be replaced by oneness as humanity prepares for Ascension and for the coming golden age. The scenario of ousting the ruling elite has played out over the past three plus months and continues. A major milestone occurred at the solstice of June 20th when the deadline for the ruling elite to surrender expired and the ruling elite declined the opportunity. That fulfilled cosmic law requirements and freed the supporting ETs to take more direct action on behalf of humanity.
Containment is a well developed ET technology. Essentially it contains the individual it targets and prevents them from taking any harmful action. When they try to take a harmful action, the intention is reflected back at them and they experience what they intended for others. This can be quite intense and the individual generally chooses to shift. Beneficial actions are not blocked and can be executed at any time. In this way, some shift into beneficial actions and the rest are neutralized since their harmful intentions are blocked and only affect their personal reality.
Containment was implemented on June 25, the Monday following the solstice. It has been applied to all intransigent members of the ruling elite and to their key minions, those who have been doing their bidding. These minions hold key posts in government, banking, industry, and militaries.
It is a brilliant solution to the problem of how best to oust the ruling elite. Containment neutralizes the ruling elite and prevents them from taking counter measures or inciting the unawakened masses. The unawakened masses continue to slumber while the shift takes place and when they awake, it will be to a world controlled by the Light with abundance and healing all around them. Disclosure will then take place in a friendly environment supported in all sorts of ways that were not possible with the ruling elite calling the shots.
Meanwhile, the Light has a free hand in terms of implementing the changes we have long anticipated. Financial changes are already underway. The banking systems that were funneling the world’s wealth into the hands of the ruling elite are being changed, many debts will be forgiven and interest will be either moderated or eliminated. Peace will come to all of humanity as all wars are artificially created. Soon, abundance technologies will begin to be introduced.
None of this is presently being reported as the controlled media do not yet understand they are free to report truth. This will shift as the ruling elite is now contained and can no longer exert their self interested control. Ownership issues will also be dealt with so the ruling elite will no longer own the various media outlets.
It is all happening as we speak. Containment is a far superior method to arrests and trials, which are both methods of the dark. Containment is a method of the Light. Oh happy day.
Freedom for humanity…


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