The Ruling Elite are Ousted!!!

For three months now, my blog has been about ousting the ruling elite. That has been the focus. Sure there has been a little of this and a little of that as things came up; but the focus has been ousting the ruling elite. For over two years, my blog has been based on the premise that humanity must oust the ruling elite as a prerequisite for Ascension preparations and as a prerequisite for disclosure and the introduction of abundance technologies. I stand by all of this. It is my truth and continues to be my truth.
My truth today is that we have ousted the ruling elite. My truth today is that ruling elite are no longer calling the shots in our shared reality here on earth. Humanity is no longer under the control of the ruling elite and in fact the ruling elite are essentially powerless as we speak. They can no longer enforce their self interested agenda and can no longer control their minions. The ruling elite have been ousted. Hip, hip, horary.
How did this happen? In a word: Containment. Containment is some new technology from the angelic realm that has been applied to the ruling elite and their key minions. When under containment, a person is incapable of taking harmful actions, actions that harm the greater good; but can take beneficial actions, actions that serve the greater good. If someone under containment attempts to take a harmful action, it is reflected back on them (contained) and they experience the harmful results, not physically but emotionally and spiritually. This can be very intense and creates a great deal of motivation to discontinue such attempts. There is nothing preventing such people from taking beneficial actions and these are executed in the same way as the rest of us take action with the results flowing outward and into our shared reality.
Containment is very new; new to humanity, new to earth, even new to the universe. According to the Angelics who invented this technology and are the prime movers in its application here on earth, containment has rarely been used before and was not even used in the various surrenders and defections into the Light that have taken place over the past decade and a half.
Here is Truth as I understand it. With the ruling elite’s free will choice to decline the surrender option on the deadline of the June solstice, our ET supporters were freed up to intervene more directly. What appears to humanity as a coordinated effort supporting humanity’s shift into the Light has various factions. The Galactics (Galactic Federation of Light) and the Ashtar Command have typically proceeded with arrests at this stage and that plan was in place but not given the green light. Instead, the Angelic Kingdom came forth with containment and containment was implemented on June 25th, the Monday after the ruling elite declined the surrender option.
In my opinion, containment is the perfect solution to ousting the ruling elite. Containment allows Lightworkers the world over to do their thing without being in danger. Containment allows TRUTH to spoken and shared and prevents misinformation by the ruling elite and this is underway. Containment allows the Lightworker’s plan that followed mass arrests to be implemented and this is underway. Containment allows an orderly transfer of power from the ruling elite into the hands of people supporting the Light’s agenda and this is underway. Containment avoids violence and avoids the transfer of power into different self interested hands.
Yes, there may be arrests at some point; but containment has negated the need for mass arrests and arrests for show. Humanity has a very poor track record in the use of mass arrests. Examples that come to mind are the holocaust in Europe and the North American internment of citizens with Japanese ancestry, both during WWII. Mass arrests have negative emotions as an underpinning. Things like revenge and retribution.
I hereby go on record in support of containment as humanity’s primary tool as we move toward freedom and individual sovereignty. I am not of the opinion that humanity should allow contained leaders to continue indefinitely, but I am of the opinion that containment without arrests is the route to organically securing humanity’s freedom and dispelling the Veil and the ruling elite’s illusion.
Remember, the ruling elite are now ousted. Let’s get to work and install the greater good shifts we have long anticipated and long intended. There is nothing preventing us, nothing except fear and the inertia of the unawakened masses.
Freedom for humanity…


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