Containment and the Greater Good

Containment has been front and center for me since learning of it less than a week ago on Canada Day, July 1st. Very little has hit the news, even the internet variety I to which I pay attention and the ousting of the ruling elite groupies are still focused on mass arrests; giving little or no credence to containment. Despite this apparent disconnect, my guides have been all over me and keep refocusing me on containment. ‘This is the real deal’, they say, ‘pay attention and get on board.’ Yesterday was a day of high energetic inputs into my being, at all levels and in several dimensions. As a consequence, I napped much of the day and went to bed early, sleeping eleven hours in the night. I woke knowing I was to write about containment but with my procrastination response going full bore meaning I did not yet have all the information I needed.
In the early afternoon, I got a call from a good friend, a walk-in with strong angelic connections. ‘What’s up’, asked my friend and I began telling them about containment:
‘The ruling elite declined to surrender on the deadline of the solstice, which gave the ETs cosmic permission to get more directly involved. The angelic kingdom came forth with a seldom used process known as containment and imposed it on June 25th. Intransigent members of the ruling elite are now under containment along with their key minions. Under containment people cannot take harmful actions. If they try, the action is mirrored back to them and ‘contained’ with the harmful results experienced, emotionally and spiritually, by the contained person which can be very intense. Net result is the ruling elite are no longer in control and have been effectively ousted. They can do nothing to prevent the roll out of freedom and humanity taking back their power; no threats, no retribution, nothing at all that does not serve the greater good. Beneficial actions are allowed and do not trigger containment.’
After listening to my description, my friend said, ‘I think I have been placed in containment.’ My friend is doing some cutting edge work with sacred geometry and has been sharing this work in workshops. In my friend’s two most recent workshops, they experienced intense feedback at certain points and thought they were losing their mind. We talked it through using the filter of containment and it all fit. This work and my friend’s use of it have to be modified in specific ways before it will be allowed and my friend has been placed in containment pending the completion of these modifications, perhaps beyond.
It has been coming to me that more than the ruling elite are currently under containment and this includes key people within the Light and with the best of intentions. I believe the mass arrest insiders are under containment and the conversation with my friend would indicate that pivotal cutting edge Lightworkers are also under containment. Being well intended is not enough right now in these pivotal times. Key figures in the transfer of power must be serving the greater good and not just their egoic perception of the greater good.
I am not claiming to be a key figure but I will report my experience in terms of serving the greater good. Six years ago in May 2006, I took the intention of surrendering to Divinity and soon found that meant serving the greater good at each and every decision point and with each and every action that I took. With the exception of a three month detour in 2008, I have lived these last six years in service to the greater good. One could call this voluntary containment since I have voluntarily asked for the greater good guidance at each decision point, large or small, and have followed that guidance as my highest priority. In effect, I have lived my life as if I was under containment and if I was to be placed under containment I would get no feedback what so ever. My life is dedicated to serving the greater good; and that has been my experience for the last six years. It is an awesome way to live life.
My daughter made the observation that she would have more faith in leaders who are under containment, no matter what their background, rather than well intentioned leaders who acted out of their own judgement. I had to agree. Under containment, leaders must act for the greater good. They have no choice in the matter. Much better than a leader who thinks their solution serves the greater good and acts on it when in fact they may be mistaken and serving some false impression of the greater good.
In my experience, asking for the greater good solution has always brought guidance and that guidance has been infallible; but few people are asking for greater good guidance as a way of life and fewer still make following this guidance their highest priority. Containment is a way to teach this and to ensure greater good actions by human leaders in these pivotal times.
Freedom for humanity…


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