Wondrous Containment

There is a great deal of confusion in the Lightworking community and very little confirmation that containment is real. All of this is affecting me. Yesterday, I did very little; went for a couple of walks, hung around the house, meditated but it was hard work and didn’t have that peace and connection with Source that is usually my experience. Basically I was asking for confirmation and wondering and doubting at a certain level. The confirmation keeps coming but it is subtle and yesterday there was nothing coming from the other sources. The mass arrest camp continues to ignore containment and goes about their business finding other explanations and excuses for not proceeding with arrests. I am getting that their latest reason, that the ruling elite is wired to set off biological weapons of mass destruction if arrested or ‘stardusted’, is fiction rather than fact. The desired shifts, such as revamping the banking systems and redistributing wealth along with abundance technologies and ground work for disclosure, are taking place; but they are not being reported at any level and that is testing my faith. LOL
Steve Beckow deserves some props and I take my hat off to him. He channels Archangel Michael (AAM) who is releasing containment information in dribs in drabs. No doubt, Steve is feeling the same way as I am and more intensely since he is channeling containment information and is right now a lone voice in the wilderness. Steve’s latest channeled interview with AAM is now available and I read Steve’s summary this morning. Containment is happening and the shifts are taking place; slow and easy right now but a lot of things are happening. I call it organic because it is all just growing, like a garden. Noxious weeds are being contained but in general, we are all doing our thing and containment is not part of our personal experience.
I am learning that containment is a large and complex process. The walk-in process is being widely used in conjunction with containment. In the walk-in process a soul chooses to leave the body vehicle, in effect die, and offers it to another soul to be used for the walk-in soul’s purposes. Many of the souls placed in containment are choosing this option and there are plenty of highly evolved disembodied souls wanting to play a positive role. In this scenario, the contained soul walks-out and the walk-in takes over the body of the former ruling elite or henchman with an agenda of a smooth transition from the dark agenda the walk-out targeted to the Light agenda of the transitional government. There are also contained souls who have a genuine shift to the Light based agenda. Both these types of people will become some of the key players in the transfer of power.
I have a friend who is living under containment. Mostly their life is unaffected; however, the containment kicks in during workshops where she is sharing her channelled sacred geometry and at certain points she just cannot continue and feels she is losing her mind and has to ask for help. She knows the changes she needs to make to her workshop material and delivery. We talked thru them and it is related to putting her overlay of expectations of the effects the sacred geometry will have on others. This connection is to be deleted since it interferes with the individual sovereignty of the workshop participants and that does not serve the greater good. Essentially, each person gets to take whatever they wish from the sacred geometry. Each person is unique and sovereign, something the workshop does not presently honor.
For someone who has been dedicated to the premise of ruling and exploiting others, containment will have a much more profound effect and they will initially feel virtually incapacitated, thus the motivation to walk-out or to shift in very profound ways.
Thus far, two people have given soul level permission to be named as being under containment. One is a chief justice in the US Supreme Court, a former conservative who cast the deciding vote in favor of Obamacare. This was a shift, a change of heart where the soul went to the Light by choice. The other is the head of the JPMorgan Chase Bank, and this person is now a walk-in with the agenda of shifting the banking system into the Light. Many more unnamed people are under containment. Some are on the sidelines doing nothing. Some are shifting or have shifted, and some are walk-ins supporting an orderly transfer of power.
It is all happening folks. It is not being reported, but it is happening. The garden is growing and it will be wondrous to behold.
Freedom for humanity…

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