Containment and Rehabilitation

This is a free will universe with a guarantee. That guarantee is that all created souls will return to Source after learning their experiential lessons and traveling their evolutionary path. Combine free will with this guarantee and you get all kinds of unusual situation. On Earth at present, one of the most unusual is being played out.
Free will has allowed a small group of souls driven by the lust for power to dominate the rest of humanity. Free will allowed this small group to use methods delivering unpleasant services to the rest of humanity. Free will allowed the earth to be put into quarantine and create artificial conditions in which the universal law of universal service was seemingly bypassed. Instead of attracting life lessons through the use of unpleasant services, this small group experienced rewards and success as they measured success. In so doing, members of this small group incarnated time and again, each time building on this apparent success and developing their skills in delivering unpleasant services. In so doing, the love and light that is the foundation of every soul became more and more covered over. This artificial situation of being quarantined and operating outside of universal law existed for about a thousand generations.
Ascension is all about returning earth and humanity back into the universal fold and ending the lengthy period of quarantine. As such, earth and humanity are once again governed by the universal law of universal service where beneficial services are rewarded and unpleasant services attract life lessons.
Let us step into the shoes of the Creator (Source) and return to the opening premise. This is a free will universe where all souls are guaranteed to return to Source. What to do with this small group of souls with a long history of being rewarded for the delivery of unpleasant services? Once the quarantine was lifted, this could not continue as the earth and humanity returned to universal law. Clearly, this group would have to be rehabilitated.
Enter containment. Containment is a closed loop where in the case of unpleasant services, the universal law of universal service is applied instantaneously. Those in containment instantly experience life lessons when intending unpleasant services. The intention is contained so it does not impact others, and…the intention of delivering unpleasant services activates appropriate life lessons because the feedback loop of the universal law is instantly activated. Can you think of a better method for the rehabilitation of someone conditioned to deliver unpleasant services?
Free will continues to be respected. Souls in containment can decline these conditions and temporarily give up embodiment; returning to Source to bask in unconditional love and light (rehabilitating in and of itself) and plan a new experiential lifetime. The option of an experiential lifetime based on power from delivering unpleasant services has disappeared from earth and is fast disappearing from the universe. Those declining containment merely delay rehabilitation into another experiential lifetime. Source is infinitely patient; but the conditions that created the quarantine no longer exist.
When a soul declines containment and walks-out, a highly evolved soul accepts the containment condition and walks-in to take over the body. This continues humanity’s progress toward Ascension. Imagine the effect on the collective known as humanity. A covered over soul promoting dark agendas is replaced by a highly evolved soul promoting Light agendas.
Containment is serving many purposes. Principally containment is a mechanism for restoring love and compassion to the human collective and ending the quarantine where unpleasant services by the few were rewarded. Secondarily, it is rehabilitating the few who have lived lifetime after lifetime within the artificial quarantine where unpleasant services were seemingly rewarded. I use seemingly deliberately since at the soul level, power based on force is an artificial construct with no real meaning and the success of the few is in reality a detour away from their evolutionary path. That detour is ending as we speak and the primary tool is containment.
Exciting times…
Freedom for humanity…

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