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Scarcity is artificial; abundance is the natural order of the universe.
This truth came to me gradually over the two and half years I have been writing this blog. Bits and pieces came from here and there and a few months ago, it all fell together. Humanity has been living in artificial scarcity for eons, created and imposed by the ruling elite in order to create two classes of people, the masters and the masses.
Shortly after I began writing the blog in December of 2009, I took the public intention of bringing free energy into the home in which I lived and making it freely available to the rest of humanity. Non-physical guides intervened, informing me that this was work others had come to do and that I should leave that work to those who came to do it and concentrate on what I came to do. This resonated and I accepted this wisdom; ending my intention.
One such person is a nuclear engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, born in Iran and now based in Belgium. He has developed the major components of the abundance technologies (free energy, antigravity transportation, instant manifestation of survival needs). It has been kept more or less under wraps by the ruling elite but that is now shifting and shifting fast. His approach was to patent these inventions to prevent someone else claiming them and then make them freely available to governments and to scientists worldwide through the patent system. By putting the information in the hands of so many he hopes to circumvent the patent systems that have been used to keep abundance technologies from the people in the past. His first attempt to share governmentally in April had limited success and he is making another sharing attempt in September. With containment keeping the ruling elite from interfering and influencing people to stay away, this time should see a whole different response.

I do not yet know if Keshe is working with the ETs, but that seems likely. Keshe is a visionary and predicts the falling of international borders as antigravity transportation makes them irrelevant since we can each travel at will anywhere we want. He predicts the empty-handedness of the current industrial system as burning anything for energy becomes obsolete, and the end of poverty as everyone has unlimited access to food, water and other survival needs. Kudos to you, M T Keshe and to the Keshe Foundation. Here are a couple of paragraphs from the Keshe Foundation’s invitation to share their technology worldwide:
The principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens. Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.
According to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned by the peoples of the world. The patents are the assets of every individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or organization or nation. This means that all income generated by the technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

Beautiful ring to those words is there not? ‘Owned by the peoples of the world’ ‘freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens’

None of this happened overnight, for example, Keshe has been working on the patent bypass aspects of this work for the last six years; but now, with containment preventing harmful interference we are soon going to see our world transformed as if by magic. Another source claims the tipping point has been reached; one more indicator that we are about to enter a period of great shifts as the world of duality and scarcity is magically transformed into a world of oneness and abundance.
Fasten your seatbelt…
Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Keshe Foundation

  1. gold price says:

    What the ruling elite have done is create a giant imaginary prison. They have created a never ending Script Play, using the world as the stage for their actors and actresses. They have through fraud and trickery gotten you to volunteer in taking part in their grand play. Of course the ruling elite also take part in the play, but they get to pick the best parts. You should take notice that they use the word Act on most of their legislation, if not all. Look up the definition of the word Act and you will see it has nothing to do with law, but everything to do with acting in a play. They created a new language for the play called Legalese, which looks similar to the language of your primary language such as English, but it is not English. It has it’s own definitions and only Lawyers are allowed to interpret the law within their Courts, or Temple. Once they get you into their prison by becoming an employee, and by voluntarily getting a SIN number or a license of any kind you have become a SURETY for a PERSON or Actor/Actress inside their play. The ruling elite pretends to have a democracy and say that you are represented. How can 300 people possibly represent 30 million or even 300 million people? They can’t and that is the fraud in and of itself. This book will help you gain your freedom back and expose the extortion SYSTEM for what it truly is. There is a huge awakening starting to take place and the more people that know this information the harder it is going to be for them to keep us locked up in their prison.

  2. Peter says:

    The Keshe Foundation is absolute nonsense.
    Mr. Keshe like an itinerant carnival barker in front of the last century.
    The show he is is staging adorned with various current topics such as UFO technology, fly “back to the future” like in the movie, world hunger is also released and was not all that he has all these solutions to the problems tend he is also abducted by the MIB’s, is also prevented by the governments of its technology.
    Here is a small example of how the old faith healer went about earlier and exclusively a wonderful medium and immediately sold out of the crowd of being healed.
    What has become of these healers with your funds at that time was clear, they were tarred and feathered.
    Her Keshe these alleged patents has been registered in 2004 and again in 2007. But these are obviously worthless, 2004, he wanted to sell the 3-4kw reactor for 100 €, now he wants it all for 5000 – € 2004, The problem does not sell it and even then no Wurd presentation made ​​by its technology.
    Indicating that fraud is obvious, Mr. Keshe sold only books and despite announcement provided no evidence that its technology was supposed demonstrated yet he took pains to prove that he has anything other than books.
    Now of course the most “stupid” invitation to the governments of the world, of course, all exclusive only to governments because it is so secret. Looking at the address in Google map to see a building that is vacant. The event location for his presentation is also a residential building and ends in an impasse.
    Mr. Keshe like a Persian carpet dealer and this honorable act that you have a truth that you sell.
    There are no Univerity Refferenz as he can, and thus put in evidence.
    The patents were filed in 2004 before and it did not happen.. What should be different. He served also to believe in the Maya calendar says that this is an end of 2012 and a change in advance. The only change will be in his account of all those who give him money again on 21 September and nothing will happen because the documents are stolen by the MIB’s.

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