Containment and Inertia

Yesterday, I got up ‘knowing’ I would not be writing in my blog that day and feeling pretty good. I cooked lunch and went outside to eat it and lo and behold, a jet flew over at about 20,000 feet and dumped a long chemtrail above Calgary, the city in which I live. WTF…I thought that was a thing of the past. My guidance was to go walking and off I set on my favorite loop, over three hours of walking and with a few stops including my favorite park bench down by the Bow River; it was well over four hours later by the time I got home.
Before leaving, I asked to understand the chemtrail but no questions were answered on the long walk including an uneventful sit on the park bench. Very closed mouthed were my guides and unforthcoming. I got home and there was some negative stuff in my email with one of the mass arrest proponents saying containment is impossible and another email saying we are in a time warp created by the ruling elite, like Groundhog Day, one of my favorite movies with Bill Murray, where the time frame we are in keeps repeating. Neither resonated.
None of this really bothered me as I trust my experience above all else and my guides have been consistently bookmarking containment as the real deal and something I am to pay attention to as the method being used for an orderly transfer of power. Nothing I can yet point to as evidence it is working but energetically, the shift is taking place. It is so clear in my auric field and in my vibrations that nothing seems to be able to shake my faith or cause me more than a brief passing doubt.
After watching the Blue Jays lose (baseball) and eating supper, I went back out to the lawn chair where I had seen the chemtrail. ‘I want to know why I was shown the chemtrail, unless knowing does not serve the greater good.’ Almost instantaneously the answer was given me. ‘The battle to transfer power is not over yet. The unawakened masses and numerous henchmen of the ruling elite, lackeys with no knowledge or original thought continue in the patterns that existed before containment. That was the chemtrail, just lackeys mindlessly following standing orders, just the inertia of the old systems… Containment is real and the ruling elite leadership is all contained, but their systems still have power and not just for the odd renegade chemtrail, but for many other things as well. Wars continue to be waged. The banking system continues to steal from the people and make banks richer. Politicians and corrupt regimes continue the policies set in place by the ruling elite. The unawakened masses continue to be armchair supporters of the status quo, e.g. supporters of the ruling elite. The battle is not yet won. It will be won but it is not yet won. Remain stalwart, remain steadfast and keep holding the space.’
Okay, I can do that; and happily do that.

In actual fact I very much like what is happening and even the pace at which it is happening. The ruling elite have been neutralized through containment as of June 25th and are incapable of doing further damage while Lightworkers everywhere are empowered and change is in the air. A big solar flare is coming our way which continues the awakening of the masses and everyone is getting daily doses of enlightening energy, of empowering energy, of ‘be your authentic self’ energy. I can literally feel the difference; and I am seeing it all around me, in those I know well and in those with whom I have regular contact. Some are adapting like a duck to water, others are struggling and resisting but it is happening none the less.
Everyone is not being contained, in fact, only a few are being contained but containment is affecting everyone. There are no new harmful initiatives coming from the ruling elite. There is no new misinformation coming from the ruling elite. Lots of new misinformation is being caused by confusion, but none is coming from the ruling elite. Meanwhile, the rest of us are finding our way. Shifts are happening. The greater good is being honored and respected like never before. Behind the scenes, a large number of initiatives are underway to replace the obsolete systems of duality and scarcity with the golden age systems of oneness and abundance; and because of containment, the ruling elite is powerless to oppose.
One morning soon we will wake up and the dominos will begin to fall and when that day comes, change will be swift and irreversible. Beautiful and beneficial change. When that day comes, all of humanity will rejoice.
These are glorious days to be alive.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. gold price says:

    Today we lock it up in vaults and caves and miss the quality of life, as this is suppressed from us by our ruling elite.

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