Grateful for Containment

I am so grateful for the path of containment, and so thankful humanity avoided the path of mass arrests as the start of the ousting process. That the ruling elite had to be ousted was incontrovertible. The battle for humanity’s shared timeline had already been won by human Lightworkers and the age of duality had ended last fall (Calleman’s October 28, 2011) so the ruling elite was interfering with destiny and attempting to block what humanity had already earned and what was fully supported at all levels and in all dimensions. The only remaining question was ‘HOW’?
Three weeks ago tomorrow, on June 25, the green light for ousting the ruling elite was given and the leadership of the ruling elite was placed in containment. Containment is like a ball of light that surrounds the person and prevents them for taking any harmful action. If they try, the action is contained and is reflected back to the person so they experience the unpleasant service mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Neutral and beneficial actions flow outwards in the normal fashion but harmful actions, actions that damage the greater good are contained. In effect, the ruling elite were ousted on that day, on June 25.
The well developed plan for shifting into the Light, for an orderly transfer of power, was given free reign on June 25 and is proceeding as we speak, in the back rooms and away from the limelight. Some of the ruling elite are cooperating through the magic of containment. Some because of a change of heart and others because of walk-ins where the ruling elite soul chooses to leave and a highly evolved soul supportive of an orderly transfer walks-in. Those choosing not to cooperate are forced by containment to sit quietly on the sidelines. Remember, any action not serving the greater good is contained and intentions to take harmful actions result in immediate feedback lessons.
Thus the orderly transfer of power option is proceeding unopposed and supported in ways that would not have been possible in the mass arrests scenario. The ruling elite have great skills in terms of planning things and implementing those plans and in terms of effecting desired changes worldwide. These skills are now at the disposal of the orderly transfer of power team. Former members of the ruling elite are now fully functioning members of this team and they are contained so there is instant feedback in terms of what serves the greater good (allowed) and what does not (contained- thus disallowed). Now that is team in which I have complete faith. The orderly transfer of power will serve the greater good. It cannot be otherwise.
Compare this to what would have taken place in the mass arrests scenario. The arrests would have taken out all the ruling elite and their chief henchmen in banking, business, military and government. None of the skills in this group would be available to the orderly transfer of power team. The arrests would have been big news and the media would have been part of the arrests, with stations shut down and others taken over by the Light. ETs would be part of the new ‘news’ as would abundance technologies like free energy and antigravity transportation. Can you imagine the turmoil all of this would have created?
Now, what about the unawakened masses? They would certainly have been awakened by the mass arrest scenario and by the takeover of the media. But awakened to what and do we know their reaction? Some would certainly misinterpret what had taken place and see it as a hostile takeover. After all, we have had all kinds of conditioning to expect ETs to come from hostility. How would all of that have gone down?
Okay, enough imagining…Back to gratefulness for the containment option. Back to being thankful that humanity has ousted the ruling elite and is in the middle of an orderly transfer of power over to people supporting the Light. All of this without fanfare. All of this while allowing humanity to make the required shifts so we can roll out a shifted world to the unawakened masses. A world with the greater good supported in every way. A world that has torn down the old systems of duality and scarcity. A world that supports oneness and abundance. With this ground work in place, the unawakened masses can one day awaken and our governments, our banking systems, our business leaders, our militaries, and our media will all be in support and singing the same tune.
We are shifted. The illusion is over. We are all one. Abundance is the new order of the day. Now that is a much better wake up call, don’t you think?
Freedom for humanity…


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