Transforming Energies of Duality

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
But it can change form, in other words, energy can be transformed or transmuted. This has many applications as we move from duality and scarcity into oneness and abundance. One that is being worked on by the Keshe Foundation and others is to access the free energy encoded in space to create apparent free energy and perpetual motion. In truth, the energy encoded in all of space is being accessed and used for human purposes. A century ago, Tesla made these same discoveries, but dark agents discredited Tesla and falsified his equations so humanity lived another century in duality and in exploitation of the Earth and her resources.
Another transformation is taking place in the human collective. That is the transformation of the energies of duality into energies of oneness. This has a very personal meaning to me as I am a human transformer. I am not alone in this work as many of my fellow humans are here at this time of transformation with the express purpose of helping with this work. This group of Lightworkers absorbs dark energies, the energies of duality, and in one way or another transforms this obsolete energy into energies of oneness, energies of abundance.
A piece channeled by Julie Redstone on July 15 speaks to this process and to those doing this necessary work. Essentially, energies of duality cannot be destroyed nor can the energies of oneness be created. What can happen is the energies of duality are being absorbed into willing human beings and is then transformed into energies of oneness; same energy, different orientation. Julie’s piece helped me recognize that I am taking part in this work.
In the closed system of this transformation, I absorb energies of duality and dissolve them in the Light of my being where they are transmuted into energies of oneness. This can be quite intense and during the height of this work which occurred for me in the week preceding the solar eclipse of May 20th, I actually had open wounds on the outside of both my heels as the energy passed through me and returned to Earth to be recycled. This was a minor symptom compared to some doing this work but is an example of physical side effects that can occur.
It should be noted we are not in a closed system and a great deal of energy is being inputted from Source during these transformative times. The energies of the solar eclipse is one example along with energies inputted during full moons, solstices/equinoxes, and the triple dates such as 12-12-12. These energies are working with me to make me more effective in this work and lately, I am finding I can dissolve the obsolete energies and radiate them back into circulation. At times the intensity is too great and I discharge excess energy to ground (to Earth) where it is further transmuted.
This work is also finite in nature as once transformed, the energy is stable in service of oneness so the transformation is a onetime process. Great progress has been made and we are now in the clean up phases of this work. The ruling elite are now contained which means they can no longer do the reverse, e.g. transform existing energy into energies of duality. The ruling elite’s systems that support duality and artificially create scarcity are in the process of being transformed and this is work that is also ending the conversion of existing energy into energies supporting duality. You do the math. Less and less energy is being transformed into energies supporting duality and more and more energy supporting duality is being transformed into energy supporting oneness.
Soon we will reach an energetic tipping point. When the tipping point is reached our shared experience will be transformed. Change will then be swift and irreversible as the world we live in transforms into a world supporting oneness and abundance. Remember the rejoicing when the Berlin Wall fell in the 1980s?
Soon all of humanity will be free. Soon oneness and abundance will prevail. All of humanity will rejoice, soon.
Freedom for humanity…


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