Is Containment Real?

I woke up this morning feeling impatient and doubting. At one level, worrying that containment is a dark ruse to prevent action being taken against the ruling elite. Silly I know but that expresses the feeling of unease and is at the root of the mass arrest camp’s refusal to take containment seriously. What if that was true??? What if containment is nothing more than misinformation and the dark is going about their business as usual, concocting the next phase of enslavement? Boy, even writing this stuff is stirring up some gut level reactions and I just discharged that negativity back to Gaia to be transmuted. Wow. There is a lot of this type of energy around right now. We (I) are so conditioned with lies and misinformation that a part of us (me) is suspicious of everything!!! I write this after an hour of deep meditation, of surrendering it all back to Source and connecting at a level with no ego. That restored my equilibrium and allowed me to express these deep seated fears, shared no doubt with the rest of humanity, both those who are awakened and those still seemingly in deep slumber.

I just asked for a sign that containment et al is Truth and got an instant truth jolt. Okay, onward and very much forward into the Light!

I have a friend who shared a dream of being rejuvenated and getting hit upon by some young guy and having to explain from her position of greater wisdom. Loved it… I had a dream a while back that this young woman, just past the age of puberty, came into my life and knew herself to be my completion. My knowing was the same and we were getting organized to be together. I was rejuvenated and the parents were highly evolved and cooperative and it was all happening. Don’t know if this was a premonition or not, but it does speak to what is possible. In this scenario, the next hot young thing who hits on my friend may be her completion. LOL All of this is a reminder that age will be recognized as the illusion it is once rejuvenation is our shared reality.

One of the things I get big time in all of this is that rejuvenation is not my focus. Rejuvenation is simply going to happen and is going to be led by others. I am going to rejuvenate along with all the rest but what I am here to do is related to freedom, empowerment and individual sovereignty. That is my unique gift to humanity. That is what I am here to do. That is why I am taking an active role in the ousting of the ruling elite and in an orderly transfer of power, because those things are directly related to freedom, empowerment and individual sovereignty. That is why I am so against the mass arrests route because it compromises our freedom and sets up new masters. That is why I am so thrilled at my core level with containment because it supports individual freedom, and individual sovereignty. Containment is all about the greater good and insuring that our actions, both individually and collectively support the greater good.

The most recent Archangel Michael interview with Steve Beckow revealed there are levels of containment. In the full blown level where the Light of the soul is completely covered over, the person is just there in this ball of light and is essentially incapacitated while being bombarded with Source’s Light. Their rights of free will are completely overturned until they get it and shift. At lesser levels of being covered over, the soul is put into partial containment where they function normally except when taking actions that violate the greater good (harmful) and then containment kicks in and the action is contained and reflected back at them. That is (was) the experience of my friend, the Lightworker, and it was only at those points of violating the greater good by compromising the sovereignty of people in her workshop that containment occurred.

I trust my experience above all else. In my experience, containment is real and the ruling elite are all under containment in one of its various levels. Containment is also affecting others like the key henchmen of the ruling elite and even Lightworkers here on important assignments who are violating their power in ways that damage the greater good. In this way, an orderly transfer of power is underway in ways that serve the greater good, not any particular person or group.
Soon we will awaken to a world governed by the greater good. We will awaken to this new shared reality with much rejoicing.
Freedom for humanity…


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