Orderly Transfer of Power thru Containment

I am not questioning containment as it is very real for me at every level of my being, I can feel it in my bones and in the energetic vibes all around me; but it is not ‘out there’, not being reported even by the free press on the internet and what I am getting is it will be some time before that happens. That is the beauty of containment. No fanfare, no hoopla, just quiet change as the energies of freedom, of Ascension, of Light continue to pervade us (humanity) and the energies of duality continue to be extinguished.

Humanity is having an orderly transfer of power; just what I have been holding space for since the spring equinox or more particularly since the option of surrender was brought to my attention in the later part of April, say a month after the equinox. For the next two months until the June solstice, I lived and breathed surrender, and humanity made great progress with the May 20th solar eclipse and the Venus transit, and then came the deadline of the June solstice when the ruling elite hardliners declined the surrender option.

At that point, I did not know about containment and felt the option of an orderly transfer had disappeared. At that point, I thought the Light’s only option was the mass arrest option. I was willing to support that ‘only option’ as the ruling elite had to go, their time was long past over and they simply had to go. If they would not leave peacefully, then what option was available to us, to the Light? What I then targeted was to hold space for reason and compassion in the process. Hold space for humane and forgiving treatment of those arrested and for their rehabilitation while making sure they could never again wreak havoc on humanity or rise to positions of power and influence unless they were truly shifted into the Light. That seemed the best I could do under the circumstances.

And then, out of the blue, came containment. This miraculous process where the ruling elite and their key henchmen are contained and prevented from continuing their intention to dominate and enslave humanity. I did not know such a process existed but it is perfect in every way.

The ruling elite are placed on the sidelines as spectators watching but unable to influence the outcome of the ‘game’. Meanwhile the game is underway without fanfare and the game is an orderly transfer of power. An orderly dismantling of all the ruling elite’s carefully crafted systems of duality; the banking systems and income taxes to pay the interest on the national debts they artificially created. The patent systems that have allowed the ruling elite to ‘own’ abundance technologies and keep them under lock and key, preventing their use by humanity; thus ensuring the continuation of artificial scarcity and the continuation of the ruling elite’s exploitive technologies. The ‘democratic’ process of creating free elections where no choice represents the Light, where only lesser evil choices exist. The controlled press worldwide that pretends we are alone in this universe and that humanity needs to be governed or we will destroy ourselves. Wars and all the profiteers from armed conflict, the arms dealers, the bankers funding weapons and conflict. The industrial/military complex etc., etc. More importantly, the orderly transfer includes an orderly installation of replacement systems, systems that support oneness and support abundance. This is not my area of expertise so I cannot say how this will look but any number of supporting ETs have such systems in place on their home planets so humanity has lots to models from which to draw.

As you can see, an orderly transfer is a massive undertaking. Humanity is dismantling the worldwide systems of duality and installing worldwide systems of oneness. It is taking some time. How long it will take, I do not know. What I do know is that it is happening in an orderly fashion, and when it is ready to be rolled out, we will experience an orderly transfer of power worldwide. What that will look like, I cannot say and the closest things we have experienced of similar ilk are the fall of the Berlin Wall, the implosion of the Soviet Union, and the end of apartheid in South Africa. You see, we have experience in orderly transfers, more recently that would include the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt.

What has happened in the past was the ruling elite would move in and take control of the orderly transfer and re-impose their spin, re-impose duality. That is not going to happen in this case because the ruling elite are contained. They are on the sidelines watching and no longer have any true power. This time the world of duality they created will disappear and be no more. This time, new systems supporting oneness will be implemented and the entire world will be shifted.
Freedom for humanity…


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  1. gold account says:

    Life was peaceful on Delvia . The planet was ruled by a theocracy led by Pa’us (priests) who were members of the Delvian Seek , the dominant religion of the planet. Pa’u Bitaal , a powerful member of the ruling conservative faction, was Zotoh Zhaan’s spiritual counselor and lover. The Delvian governmental system included procedures for the orderly transfer of power. However, when Bitaal’s tenure was up, instead of yielding control, he and the other conservative Pa’us hired the Peacekeepers for “external security,” and Delvia changed forever. Peacekeepers rounded up all liberal thinkers and voices of protest. The theocracy turned into a police state.

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