Containment is Not New

I have been getting lots of feedback that containment is nothing new and is already used in spiritual circles. One of my friends works with shamanic practices and referenced two practices that relate to containment. She explained it very well and I quote: A long ago psychic whom I worked with for years would suggest, if someone was doing something pretty bad, you could ask Spirit to shine a spotlight on them so they couldn’t hide anywhere. So you’d have light shining on them, in them, through them, filling them, keeping them seen so they couldn’t do something bad again, but also they’d be filled with light. The other tactic was to surround someone with mirrors, and either have whatever negativity they sent out be mirrored back to them, or you’d have the negativity just slide down the mirror to be transformed but it couldn’t harm you or anyone else. Those are both shamanic tools, so very similar to containment.
Another friend pointed out that we have lived in a form of containment foisted on us by the ruling elite. If we stand up against injustice or for truth, we are singled out and targeted, contained in this way; so we learn to keep our heads down and quietly go about our business looking the other way. The angelic form of containment is much more to my liking. In the angelic containment, the determinant is the greater good. Actions counter to the greater good are contained, neutral or positive actions are released in the normal fashion.
When I first heard about containment and how it operated by containing negativity and reflecting it back upon the giver, one of my first thoughts was that I have used very similar methods with great success. The teacher in this learning was my second wife. I was given information that I was to leave in fifteen months and gave her the option of staying together until I left. Our spiritual contract was very much alive and she chose to continue our life together. She wanted to retire together while I wanted to live my mission and she tried many things to control me and prevent my leaving. I learned to not take any of it personally and to reflect back her intent, contain it as it were. She would rant away and I would smile and not get caught up in it all, just ask questions and make sure I understood what she was saying. At some point, this would act as a mirror and she would experience her controlling intent. A look of ‘Oh, no. What am I doing?’ would come over her and she would go quiet and reflective. That subject would not come up again. Before we left, we understood each other and respected each other’s sovereignty and rights of free will.

I have used these ‘containment’ skills many times since; especially effective when dealing with the egoic aspect of self professed spiritual leaders who were not respecting my sovereignty. This is very common especially among the ‘surrender to a Teacher’ school of thought. The pattern is that I point this out to them and mirror back their attempts to justify this behavior, in effect contain those attempts. The mirror (containment) stays in place until the leader understands what I am saying. I do not require agreement but understanding serves everyone. Some shift and begin to respect my sovereignty. Others choose to continue established patterns. That is fine as they get to choose and I get to choose to spend more time with them or not. This is very intense for both of us and the relationship is always shifted.

In April 2011, more than a year ago, I ‘got’ that I was to be and become the leader I wanted others to be. In walking this path, many opportunities to use containment have arisen. I use mirroring/containment when dealing with people engaged in victim behaviour. I take none of it personally and hold up the mirror, contain their victimhood. It is contained so it does not affect me and is reflected back to them. At some point they are ready to move on and we begin a process of taking back their power. Victimhood is a state of mind, never a reality.
Last night just before going to bed, my throat chakra started signalling me. I meditated and asked the meaning of the signal. I am to be a spokesperson for containment. I accept with gratitude.
Humanity is shifting into oneness, abundance and individual sovereignty. Three cheers…Containment has ousted the ruling elite and allowed Lightworkers to lay the foundation for this shift.
Freedom for humanity…


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  1. silver price says:

    Sierra Neblina is a Pleiadian ship commander who joined the Ascension 2012 team both as herself and with a braided Pleiadian walk-in who shares her mission. In her nightwork, she has actually assisted with the containment of members of the cabal and here shares what she saw and knows about this effort that is being used to neutralize the cabal.

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