Containment’s Link to Individual Sovereignty

I think I am to write about the link between containment and what I call individual sovereignty, what the Galactic Federation calls personal sovereignty, what those from the Central Sun call the sovereign integral. All of these mean the same thing; they all mean that each of us has as our birthright a strong and immutable connection to Source which is unique and superior to any connection that can be made outside of ourselves. This means that any attempt to lessen our sovereignty is a step backward because some other less effective connection is super-imposed over our individual connection which is by definition a superior connection.

In highly evolved societies, each person is encouraged to go within and strengthen their individual connection; each person is encouraged to be personally sovereign. Containment works with this principle since those contained can no longer follow their longstanding practices of overriding the individual sovereignty of others. This is a violation of the greater good and such actions are contained. We on earth have no tradition of respecting individual sovereignty and no systems designed to respect individual sovereignty. That is why the mass arrests scenario could not be effectively used here on Earth.

All earthy systems and processes simply substitute one form of imposed sovereignty over another. Where would we draw from to get leaders trained in individual sovereignty? All current branches of human endeavour employ limited sovereignty. The ruling elite have seen to that and they have had the upper hand since the fall of Atlantis. Governments, militaries, industries, education systems, religions, are all based on limited sovereignty, on hierarchies of one form or another. This extends to our legal and court systems. Thus, the fix generally used of arresting the bad guys and taking away their freedoms would simply have imposed another form of hierarchical sovereignty here on earth. We simply do not have leaders trained in individual sovereignty.

I have some skills in systems that honour individual sovereignty, but because of the level of control exercised by the ruling elite, these skills were ‘found out’ and persecuted and the ruling elite’s systems eventually did me in. I could either shift into their command and control style or find another playing field. This is no doubt true of many others; thus humanity does not at present have leaders skilled in leading without authority, skilled in creating and managing systems that honour individual sovereignty. Such leaders exist but they are unrecognized and will be in niches, not in the mainstream as they would have been hunted down and eliminated by the ruling elite and the hierarchical systems the ruling elite created and maintained.

How then does humanity make the transition? How does humanity shift from systems where sovereignty is held outside of each individual to systems that honour individual sovereignty? Mass arrests would have used the existing justice system based on case law and legal wrangling along with penal systems based on retribution and punishment. This would simply have perpetrated hierarchical systems under new masters with no guarantee that the new masters had any more dedication to individual sovereignty than those they replaced. That path is fraught with danger.

Enter containment. Through the miracle of containment, those who oppose individual sovereignty are ousted and eliminated from the dialogue. No longer is there a debate about what systems are best, the only question is: does this shift serve the greater good. That is the miracle of containment. At the foundation of containment rests the bedrock of the greater good. If it does not serve the greater good, it will not get past the filter of containment.

The greater good always comes back to individual sovereignty. All ways. Why is that? Because the individual connection to Source is strongest and superior to all other connections. Thus, systems supporting individual sovereignty support the greater good and vice versa.

The process now underway under the auspices of containment is installing replacement systems that will serve the greater good and because they serve the greater good, these replacement systems will serve and support individual sovereignty. What a beautiful legacy to leave that portion of humanity that chooses to remain in the third dimension. What a beautiful beginning to humanity’s golden era and the multidimensional living humanity will enjoy after Ascension.

Freedom for humanity…


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