Ascension Cosmology

There are three main factions in our ET supporters.

First, the Angelic Kingdom who have long been involved with humanity here on earth. The Kingdom has the Archangels and many other lesser angels such as guardian angels for each of us humans and guides of one form or another. It also includes the ascended masters, beings who learned all their life lessons and ascended into the Angelic Kingdom with a continuing interest in humanity’s journey into oneness. We are much closer to these beings and to this Kingdom than either of the other two factions. In fact, I am of the opinion that through Ascension, humanity and earth will become fully fledged members of the Angelic Kingdom and provide angelic services to the universe from this physical base of physicality.

Second, the Ashtar Command and other supporters from the Central Sun. Source resides in the center of the universe as the Central Sun. It has ever been thus as the bright light of Source cannot be contained elsewhere. Various beings hang out with Source and some are Source’s emissary in terms of bringing together the Divine Plan. The Earth and humanity are blessed at this time by the presence of the Ashtar Command, charged with getting the Earth and humanity to the Ascension finish line as per the Divine Plan, on the winter solstice of December 21 (20th in some earth locations). The Ashtar Command is Source’s trouble shooters and aside from oneness have no special connection with humanity.

Third, the Galactic Federation made up of highly evolved star nations in this galaxy with a service to others orientation who banded together to help each other in the highly dualistic efforts of preventing further takeovers and encroachments by the Ankara Alliance, the service to self aggressors in the galaxy. The Galactic Federation had other objectives such as supporting oneness and individual sovereignty but their main purpose was as spiritual warriors. All that shifted in the late 1990’s when the Ankara Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda and the peace terms included the inclusion of the former aggressor nations in the Federation. Very complex, but my main point here is that the Galactic Federation has until very recently had objectives founded in duality.

Humanity is slated to become a full fledged member of the Galactic Federation once we throw off our dark masters and ascend into the higher dimensions. Humanity will join all the rest as we share the service to others orientation of the Federation and help each other and less evolved civilizations on the quest to achieve oneness and individual sovereignty. We are of this galaxy so this is a natural evolution. Many humans are souls with homes in other planets of the Galactic Federation, embodied in human form for the express purpose of lending a hand and their unique set of talents to the Ascension process. Many of these currently human souls will depart back to their homes when the heavy lifting in done, sometime in next several months or perhaps years. This will be a choice each of us makes sometime after choosing Ascension, something like the present choice to live in one city or another.

Those choosing to remain part of humanity in the fifth dimensional home the Ascended Earth creates will in fact be part of the Angelic Kingdom. Yes, we will be part of the Galactic Federation and play our role in that Federation but we will also be part of the Angelic Kingdom and play our role in that Kingdom. This is why the Angelics were awarded the lead in the process of ousting the ruling elite; this is why the Angelics were allowed to bring forth containment instead of following the process normally used by the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation, e.g. mass arrests and detainment.

In one recent report, humanity is the first civilization to move directly from a service to self society into oneness. Normally this is a two or more step process of first stepping into service to others and then to oneness. With the help of Source and Sources’ various emissaries, humanity is going direct. That is part of the uniqueness of this transition we are presently traveling.

My third dimensional limitations do not allow me a complete understanding of all of this or even of the various steps along the way. What I do know is that the Angelic process of containment is being used to effect this transition. Containment is directly linked to the greater good and directly promotes the greater good as results. Containment is little used and may have a few glitches but for doing the work of going directly from a service to self society to a oneness society, containment was the perfect solution and nothing else could have done this work.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Freedom for humanity…

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1 Response to Ascension Cosmology

  1. silver price says:

    There will be those who at those elite levels will begin to work for humanity as opposed to against humanity. That has already begun, just as there are many in the masses that are starting to see the greater picture, who are starting to change themselves, while many stay at the lower levels of consciousness. All is a reflection of the duality that exists of that concept of, “As above, so below.” As one chooses to focus into the higher levels of consciousness, the Light Consciousness, that the concept of “As above, so below” will begin to reflect on the lower levels of consciousness, the higher attitudes, the higher concepts.

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