Shifting from Duality into Oneness

A broad outline of the coming shifts is as follows: The shift begins with the fall of the financial system; down like dominoes will come the pillars of our current financial system. (Major banks, commodity and stock exchanges, global debt). Ready to go and inserted into the void are replacement financial systems supporting oneness. Elements include new money, new banking with global debt forgiveness and new governance. Governance changes will accompany the financial collapse as existing governments will give way to spokespeople supporting oneness and the financial shifts. In very short order, the entire service to self financial system will collapse and in its place will stand a robust service to others financial system.
This sets the stage for the rest of the oneness shifts to take place. New governance will invite disclosure and our ET supporters will become visible and welcomed for what they are; supporters of oneness, supporters of freedom, and supporters of Ascension. Abundance technologies will be rolled out and made widely and freely available to all of humanity. Poverty will disappear and boarders will fade into nothingness as the distinctions that created them are all seen to be part of the artificial constructs of duality. Wars and enforcement in general will become a thing of the past as the rich and the poor join in abundance.
Containment has made the ruling elite ineffectual bystanders in all of this. In fact, many of their previous henchmen are now working with Lightworkers supplying expertise and contacts for developing and readying the replacement systems. Even some of the ruling elite themselves are now serving within the ranks of the Lightworkers, and there is no possibility of a double-cross since containment will only allow such individuals to act on behalf of the greater good. Even at the height of their powers, the ruling elite’s plans to create a global disturbance as a divergence from which to continue to manipulate humanity (or at least go out with a bang) were doomed to fail as the Ashtar Command and others have for several years been authorized to prevent such manipulations. Under containment, the hardliners of the ruling elite are powerless to even plot such things.
Humanity’s only obstacle is the unawakened masses. Lightworkers are being asked to remain steadfast and calm as these shifts play out. To the unawakened, this will appear cataclysmic and there will be no shortage of gnashing of teeth and even doomsday protagonists. Those in the know are being asked to remain calm and provide a voice of reason, a beacon of Light as the storm ushers in a new day and the dawning of humanity’s golden era. Containment will prevent the ruling elite from creating deliberate misinformation and disinformation aimed at panic, but the unawakened have been conditioned to believe in the illusion and its disappearance will cause great upset.
Since learning of containment on Canada Day, July 1, (containment actually was implemented on June 25th) I have felt a strange calmness and an abiding patience. To my way of thinking, the ruling elite were ousted on June 25th and what we are presently living is the physical manifestation of that ousting. Still, the actual physical shift from duality into oneness is yet to take place and is planned as outlined above. It is well planned and well supported, both by humanity at the level of consciousness and by our ET supporters at the level of physicality; but it will still come as a shock to the vast majority of humanity.
Any number of factors will mitigate that shock, and we can each do our part, but the shock is part of this shift. Going from a service to self system that promotes duality to a service to others system that promotes oneness is not a gradual process. The two are incompatible and mutual exclusive. Where one exists the other does not and vice versa. Perhaps there are ways to do this gradually and in some ways containment has allowed gradual transitions to take place. Since June 25, the behind the scenes’ manoeuvring has all been done by the oneness supporters. That is a month worth of manoeuvring and a month worth of preparations. The shift will be rapid and largely seamless, but shocking none the less.
The shift will usher in oneness, begin humanity’s golden age, and set the stage for Ascension preparations. Awesome in every way. Stay tuned…
Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Shifting from Duality into Oneness

  1. Dear John,

    I wrote to you when Richard dropped out of the Cherumin group. Some months later, Richard reappeared in the comments section without any explanation. Lately, Cherubim have expressed many different views, questions and doubts. So over the weekend, Richard posted a message saying he was going to shut the group down in 48 hours…. what a crock. Apparently, he was incensed that some members so the group questioned his stand; he was not open to having anyone question his assumptions. (Kool Aid, anyone?)

    I just clicked on the group at Yahoo….. it is dead as a doornail. Fortunately, I have one or two email addresses of group members and I will attempt to contact some of them through Facebook.

    So much for our dear enlightened leader.

    I do follow your blog and find that it resonates perfectly with my inner being.

    Warmest regard, love and light,

    • Hi Catherine, I remember your earlier contact and have quite a low opinion of Richard so agree with all your observations.
      Thank you for your kind comments about my blog and I appreciate your support.
      There is another forum on FB called the Cherubim Fellowship that I find more to my liking. It is by invitation only so if you are contacting others you met on the yahoo site, you can no doubt wangle an invite.

  2. Brittany says:

    John, it’s worth posting this again :). Only a few minor altercations predicted in the process of full disclosure.

    There are a few changes that can be made. Listen to your heart. The answers are there.

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