ET Interventions against the Spanish Armada

Word is getting out that the deadline for world leadership to cooperate with disclosure has been set as August 4th. If world leaders do not cooperate and invite disclosure before Saturday, August 4th the Galactic Federation is Divinely authorized to proceed without an invitation from world leadership. With the Olympic Games underway in London and scheduled to conclude on August 12, London and England will likely be central to the disclosure activity and once again play a pivotal role in humanity history.
With disclosure so near, a variety of previously suppressed information is being outed and one tidbit caught my attention. In 1588, the Spanish Armada targeted the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth’s protestant rule in England. The Spanish King Philip II was a staunch Catholic and intended to extend the Spanish Inquisition into England. The Inquisition was already a century old in Spain and was being used successfully to further Philip’s religious objectives using methods of terror, including torture and frequent death sentences of those accused of heresy. The new information is that envoys from more advanced ET civilization knew the destructive path humanity would take with a Spanish victory and interceded insuring the defeat of the Armada.
A brief history lesson in the Inquisition will be helpful. The Inquisition was originated by the Catholic Church as a way to fight heretical views with the first inquisition taking place in 1184. Inquisitions spread throughout Christendom in the middle ages but had little impact in England where common law prohibited the use of torture, a key component for false confessions and the implication of others of similar views.
In 1480, the Spanish Monarchy established the Spanish Inquisition under their control and it continued in this form until abolished in 1834. The cruelty and harshness of this state run terrorist organization is legendary and methods this dark can only serve dark purposes. The Spanish Armada’s intention was to bring England under Spanish rule and the Inquisition was a key component of Spanish rule throughout their empire. Common law would be replaced by a functioning Inquisition and world domination would then be in the hands of these dark methods.
The Spanish Armada made at least two attempts to conquer England. The best know was in 1588 and the English navy including Francis Drake held them at bay and preventing them securing a port. They were forced north through the English Channel and around the northern tip of Scotland to return to Spain. Unusual storms (ETs anyone?) caused many ships to be lost in this journey. When King Philip heard of the results from returning seamen, he is reported to have said, ‘I sent the Armada against men, not God’s winds and waves.’
In lesser known attempts; but by some reports better planned and funded, the Armada set sail against England in 1598 and also a year or two earlier. These times unusual storms prevented the fleet from even getting to England and the fleet’s remnants simply returned to Spain licking their weather induced wounds. The Spanish Monarchy eventually gave up and England remained sovereign and a bastion of common law, a key component maintaining the Light in a world ruled by darkness.
These ET interventions were deemed necessary in order for humanity to arrive at this point in time with the light and resources to allow humanity’s Ascension. It was still a very close call, and had the Armada succeeded, humanity would have been on the road to doom and destruction.
The Earth was always slated to Ascend into the fifth dimension at the December solstice later this year, but free will remained at play in terms of humanity’s participation. Humanity has long had champions within the Light and within more advanced ET civilizations and at key points these civilizations have intervened on behalf of the Light.

The English tradition of common law has been a bastion of the Light and has more than once received interventionary help (ETs acting according to Divine Law) to prevent dark forces from extinguishing this Light.
How fitting that disclosure may take place on English soil during the summer Olympic Games.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to ET Interventions against the Spanish Armada

  1. Interesting article. I am dubious about all the 2012 hype. It’s perpetuation could be another fascist ploy, putting off our efforts at Global Liberation. When are we going to stop awaiting a historical event, magical miracle or Great Messiah and take responsibility for our lives? The inevitable showdown cannot be put off forever. There will be a big fight ~possibly Civil War in the USA. Let us awaken now! Hope can be a good emotion to help us hold on, for us to hope for brighter days ahead. Hope alone can be vain. Awaken!

    We need to take our destiny into our own strong hands, build community infrastructure and forge working alliances now. At the same time, we need to work on our own Inner Liberation, mature and work on getting rid of our own character defects. Life is a double helix of fighting for Global Liberation and finding Inner Liberation on the axis of being here now.

    Do not sit around waiting for a Messiah to come or expecting ETs to come to the rescue in this real movie of life. We need to take care of our health, be working out, arm ourselves for the storms to come and quit playing Sleeping Beauty. I am not hiding and I am not anonymous. I am alive, well and aboveground. We have great potential we need to manifest. Power to the People! Seize the time! Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~Sacramento, California c/s

    • Thank you, Peta. So nice to hear from you again.
      We are teammates in this great shift, Peta. We see things a little differently but we are teammates and target the same result. The end of tyranny and the beginning of humanity’s golden era. One way or another, we are going to get there and I applaud your efforts as we move ever closer.

      Your comments inspired me to update my Ascension Summary and that is both today’s blog and part of the About section.


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