Directly into Oneness

Two of the opposites that form duality are service to self and service to others.
In the age of duality which ended last October 28, these two opposites were both supported and became opposing sides within our galaxy. Earth was part of the service to self empire and humanity’s leadership, those I call the ruling elite, went about their business targeting to subjugate and enslave the rest of humanity. For eons, the ruling elite were supported by off world masters from the service to self Alliance.
Humanity was never devoid of service to others and those so inclined formed a loosely knit team which I call the Lightworkers. The Lightworkers were supported by off world supporters from the service to others Federation and the battle of duality here on Earth has raged for thousands of years.
By its nature, service to self is destructive. Exploitive practices are common as the service to self game is essentially a predatory game of dog eat dog and of rising to the top in your chosen field. Scarcity is very much a part of service to self since when people have all they want and all they need, they will not do your bidding; ergo, the need to create scarcity as a way of motivating others to do what you want them to do. Such practices eventually destroy ecosystems and end up destroying entire planets, thus fueling the need for conquest. Do you think our planet has been on this path?
Many Lightworkers see the current work of ousting the ruling elite and replacing their systems of service to self as the work of shifting into a service to others orientation. This is the path liberation work has taken in many other liberation efforts throughout the galaxy. Once service to self has been replaced by service to others, the work of moving toward oneness can begin.
More and more, information is coming to light that humanity is targeting something different, something far superior. Humanity is targeting to move straight from a service to self orientation into oneness. Instead of a two step process of moving first into service to others and then into oneness, the Divine plan is to move directly into oneness.
A number of changes within the universe have made the direct shift from duality into oneness both possible and desirable. At the universal level, the age of duality ended nine months ago and duality is no longer being supported anywhere in the universe. This is huge universal shift. Those who mastered the service to self aspect of duality are no longer being supported and are being relegated to rehabilitory scenarios of one form or another. Essentially such people have covered over their inner light and are now being rehabilitated in order to resume their evolutionary path and learn their lessons before returning to Source.
Within our galaxy, the creator god of the service to self warrior races surrendered to the Light’s agenda about fifteen years ago and advised all his created races to do likewise. With few exceptions, this advice was heeded and in the peace negotiations, key warrior races were accepted into the service to others galactic organization known as the Galactic Federation of Light. These former service to self nations are now concentrating their efforts on bringing a service to others orientation to their home planets.
Within our planet, the ruling elite are left without off world support at both the universal and galactic levels. In addition, energies supporting oneness are being beamed our way and the Light quotient of humanity rises daily with major jumps taking place at various key times, like full moons, season changes, eclipses and various other dates. The shift from duality into oneness is happening and is only a matter of time.
Part of the confusion surrounding disclosure and ousting the ruling elite is because some are targeting to shift into a higher form of duality, e.g. service to others as a stepping stone into oneness. With the end of the age of duality, this is no longer necessary and humanity is the first civilization to go direct; to go from the service to self form of duality directly into oneness.
Of course, from oneness service to others is the only thing that makes sense. We are all one and serving each other serves the whole.
Freedom for humanity…


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