Transparency and Oneness

Is there information we don’t share in Oneness? I cannot see how that is possible, so my answer is no.

To me, not sharing information is a function of fear and a function of duality. Yes, in Us vs. Them there are reasons for not sharing information, but in Oneness there is not.

My attempts to live in oneness have led me to transparency and a complete willingness to share. That does not mean I share openly with those still in duality because that would not honor their free will. It does mean I have no problem with my information being shared by others in whatever way they wish. I do not ask for confidentiality; ever.
Writing a public blog has caused me to examine the issue of confidentiality. In the thirty plus months I have been writing the blog, confidentiality has come up on several occasions and I have continually asked for guidance in terms of approaching this issue from integrity and in ways that serve the greater good.
The principles I now use include the following: Anything shared with me is fodder for my blog. However, I respect the confidentiality of the people sharing information and only use names when given permission. My general rule is that when something is less than complimentary, I do not use names and have even disguised aspects like relationships and gender on occasion where this does not alter the meaning of the experience but gives the other person more confidentiality.
To me, confidentiality is a function of duality and a function of living in the low form of duality called service to self. When living in service to self there are any number of things that we don’t want others to know; even our intentions are kept secret (confidential) since if others know our service to self intentions they will be less inclined to cooperate with us. There can also be good reasons for confidentiality in the competitive venue duality creates. I was a competitive bridge player for several decades and each person had the obligation to hide their hand, else the competition was made meaningless.
In the high form of duality called service to others there is little need for confidentiality. When our objective is to serve others, we can wear our intentions on our sleeves because we have nothing to hide.
Confidentiality in the mixed world of duality and oneness can be a bit tricky. We share openly when in oneness but what we share is often offensive to those still in duality, and we do not wish to offend or suffer the consequences of offending another. Thus we can fall into the confidentiality trap.
For me, the solution was to speak my truth. That does not mean I cannot choose to remain silent and I often choose that route when in a duality setting. It does mean that when I speak, I speak my truth. It also means that I willingly accept the consequences of speaking my truth or of having my truth shared with others. This has led to me being asked to leave some situations and choosing to leave others. None of that is of any consequence as those situations were not a fit for me and leaving served everyone involved. Those who remain will learn their oneness lessons in some other way and I am free to attract experiences that serve me and serve my path to oneness.
There can also be learning attached to these experiences. I learn the lessons appropriate for me and others learn lessons appropriate for them.
My attempts to live in oneness have demanded greater and greater transparency on my part. At first I was confused by this requirement but slowly the penny dropped. Oneness and transparency go hand in hand. Confidentiality, the opposite of transparency, simply evaporates in oneness.
We are headed into oneness where we are each transparent.
Freedom for humanity…


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