August 4th Deadline

Today is August 4th and another deadline for the ruling elite. On the June solstice, the deadline for the ruling elite to surrender came and went with the ruling elite declining the opportunity to surrender to the Light and participate in an orderly transfer of power as we shift from duality into oneness. The August 4th deadline is for the ruling elite to invite disclosure where world leaders publically invite our ET supporters to land and begin a dialogue that will inevitably result in Light based shifts here on earth including abundance technologies and truth.
I expect this deadline to past without incident as the ruling elite is not the least bit interested in opening up communications with our ET supporters because the ruling elite’s carefully constructed illusion will soon crumble and the truth is like a huge skeleton in the ruling elite’s closet.
None the less, important shifts are taking place with more and more power flowing to our ET supporters. Our ET supporters honor cosmic law above all else and will do nothing that violates cosmic law. As I understand it, deadlines such as the two I mentioned are important components of cosmic law. The rulers of any world have rights according to cosmic law and these rights cannot be taken away without the rulers being given fair warning and deadlines to cooperate. What we are witnessing is the expiration of those deadlines which by cosmic law frees the ETs to proceed without the cooperation of intransigent world leaders.
You see, cosmic law does not allow intransigent world leaders to stand forever in the way of bringing light based systems to a population when that population’s light quotient outpaces that of the world leaders and the systems they have implemented. In other words, humanity’s collective light quotient has outgrown the methods of our current service to self world leaders which makes change inevitable. Cosmic law requires deadlines to be set and after today our ET supporters will be empowered to show themselves and oust the current world leaders, who are puppets of the ruling elite.
As of tomorrow, we will be living in a world where our current leaders no longer have the cosmic right to deny ET influences. As of tomorrow, we can all wait in joyous expectation of a huge worldwide shift.
Here is a little background to help understand the workings of this shift. On June 25th, five days after the surrender deadline was declined, our ET supporters implemented containment and all key members of the ruling elite were placed under containment. In containment, rehabilitation is targeted by infusing the person with Light and actions counter to the greater good are disallowed by reflecting back the intention so the person experiences the negative results. Containment is a complex subject and this is a vastly oversimplified explanation but suitable for the purpose of understanding the shift that is underway.
With the ruling elite contained, human Lightworkers have been busy working behind the scenes preparing replacement systems and cueing them up to be seamlessly substituted for current duality systems when the shift comes. That means that for the last six weeks preparations for the shifts have been taking place and these preparations have had no opposition; only human Lightworkers making the preparations with guidance and expertise from our ET supporters.
With the passing of this latest deadline (August 4), cosmic law allows the ET supporters to take direct action and to do whatever is required in order for the shift to take place. The objective all along has been to make the shift from duality into oneness as seamless as possible and to create the minimum of hardship and disruption.
What can we expect? My July 25th blog called Shifting from Duality into Oneness remains the working model and the key events are a collapse of the existing service to self financial systems with a smooth transition into service to others systems, including governance changes, disclosure, truth outing, and abundance technologies.
When will all this take place? That is a closely held secret. It will not happen on the 4th but the timing is no longer in the hands of the service to self ruling elite. The timing is now in the hands of Source and our ET supports acting as emissaries of Source.
Joyous change is soon to be our experience. And so it is.
Freedom for humanity…


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