An ET Request

Last night before going to bed, I was dehydrated and get a kind of stinging in my esophagus when that happens. I started to drink water and must have downed at least two quarts over the hour or two before retiring. When the dehydration was dealt with I noticed a different sensation, one I am also familiar with, energy in my throat chakra and I have learned that there is a speech related meaning to this signal.

I began my before bed meditation and asked that the meaning of this signal be made known to me. Often it is a ‘speak your truth’ signal but there seemed nothing in that vein and try as I might, the message behind the signal remained a mystery. The signal persisted with the obvious meaning that information awaited me if I could only access it. When the meaning of a signal eludes me, I surrender it all back to Source and ask that the meaning come to me by Clair cognizance, by appearing without efforting as information in my mind. Still nothing; but the signal persisted.

I decided to go to bed and let it all go, surrendered it all, maintaining the expectation of understanding the message being given me. Throughout this protracted process, I knew I was being asked if I would provide a service and I kept reiterating that if it was a greater good service and I was the appropriate person for the task, I was definitely willing. That is how I have lived my life for the past several years.

A single word began to form in my mind, spokesperson, and suddenly it all came flooding in. Our ET supporters were communicating with me telepathically and asking if I was willing to be a human spokesperson for the process of disclosure. Wow…

My blog written earlier in the day was about the August 4th deadline for world leaders to invite disclosure and that deadline had expired so the ETs are now free to bring forth disclosure without an invitation from existing world leadership. This request was based on the ET’s need to have humans front disclosure and make the required invitations on behalf of humanity. I have long been a supporter of disclosure as truth, abundance technologies and oneness all flow from the shift from duality into oneness and disclosure is a key element of this shift. Naturally, I accepted.

Humility is a key component of anything like this as the ego is quite willing to make more of such a request than is merited. In oneness, I am being asked to provide a service and from oneness, I simply express my willingness to do so to the best of my capabilities. I know I will be well supported in doing so but accepting such a mission is not without a certain amount of trepidation.

Part of my reaction was that that this process of understanding the message behind the signal had been very clumsy and acting as a spokesperson will greatly benefit from better connections and smoother communications. I made this point and offered to be a willing recipient of improved communication systems. The ETs wasted no time and for at least a couple of hours later in the night, they worked their magic. It was not dissimilar to other energies I have assimilated but had some differences as well. I would liken it to having a new program installed on my computer.

By coincidence or not, the Canadian Prime Minister is also from Calgary. He is clearly a staunch supporter of the ruling elite and a very service to self oriented person. He may already be under containment but I cannot say for sure. As for acting as a spokesperson inviting disclosure, he would in my opinion be a very poor choice. LOL

What will come of all of this, if anything, is not mine to know. I have long been committed to doing whatever was asked of me in terms of ousting the ruling elite in a greater good fashion and this request fits squarely in that category.

Interesting times, interesting times.
Freedom for humanity…


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