Protracted Disclosure

Much of yesterday was integration and adjustments to the inputs of the night before. I went for a leisurely walk in the evening and found myself visualizing/daydreaming various aspects of being a spokesperson for disclosure; things like TV interviews and press conferences. All good stuff and practice for what may come. When I got home, I wrote and posted the blog called An ET Request.
Late in the evening, I got my ‘take action now’ signal, discomfort in the solar plexus and knew I was to meditate. The thought that came up was that perhaps I was to be a walk-in and inhabit our Prime Minister’s body while making an official invite for disclosure. Once that thought occurred the signal went away so I knew this was the message.
I began to play with this and informed my disclosure ET friends that I would be willing if such an action would serve the greater good. The advantages for disclosure were obvious as Canada would then have made an official invitation. I have a lot of experience with walk-ins that would be useful in such a scenario and that experience also alerted me to problems that would have to be overcome.
I asked for guidance in the night and invited training if that was a necessary part of this scenario. I woke in the wee hours knowing I was to decline this option. I have worked long and hard at becoming a person of integrity and no matter how I cut it, walking-in to another’s body and pretending to be that person while taking actions this person is not willing to take is out of integrity. I am not willing to do such a thing. I am willing to act as a spokesperson but only from integrity and part of integrity for me is acting as myself, acting from the vehicle of my own body.
This knowing was confirmed this morning and it occurred to me that the message may have come from some entity other than my disclosure ET friends. There were other clues; no related training had been done in the night; the signal was not the same one they had used the night before, etc. I asked the question and it was confirmed that this message had not come from my disclosure friends.
More and more information is coming to light that disclosure may be a protracted event and complete disclosure is not a prerequisite for humanity’s Ascension. Containment has defacto ousted the ruling elite and ended the risk of their destructive shenanigans, so what is the rush. Disclosure becomes a process in this scenario, not an event, but a process taking place over several months. That is consistent with what has happened to date with more and more sightings, more and more press and media coverage but not the single earth shattering event that occurred in the ‘Berlin Wall’ scenario where one morning humanity wakes up and the world is changed.
As I roll this around and try it out, I find I like the protracted approach and would be very happy acting in a spokesperson’s capacity as the process unfolds. In this scenario, ETs become more and more visible and more and more people awaken to the possibility/knowing that humanity is not alone in this journey. The media also awakens by degrees and interviews with people like me become more and more common. Shifts like the collapse of the financial systems and the relatively seamless implementation of replacement systems open eyes and raise questions and people like me can provide answers.
Meanwhile, the ETs maintain their guiding hand and their presence in our skies but avoid a ‘Berlin Wall’ event as it risks being viewed as a hostile takeover, the last thing intended or desired by our ET supporters. Humanity goes into Ascension at a far more organic and leisurely pace and as more of a mixed bag with duality and oneness coexisting even past Ascension.
The same changes take place just at a slower pace and there is no deadline for them to happen before the Ascension event on the December solstice later this year. In this scenario, Ascension accelerates the pace of change and the final move into oneness takes place after the Ascension event. All very workable.
In this scenario, last night’s episode was helping me understand what I will and will not do; important knowing in a protracted scenario.
Freedom for humanity…


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