Expanded Consciousness Paradox

I am dog-sitting and otherwise alone in my daughter’s house as she attends the Olympic Games. The dogs and I have a routine in the morning. They get up at daybreak and wake me for breakfast, and then I go back to bed and sleep until about nine. All very civilized, don’t you think?

This morning sleep is a very active sleep and today’s was like that. I had this unease when the dogs woke me for breakfast and it took some time to find the cause. More and more information is coming in that the December solstice will see consciousness changes the like of which we have never seen before and both our consciousness and our creative capabilities will be expanded to unimaginable levels. This is about four and a half months away and the unease was based on the impossibility of being prepared for these changes.
Even for someone like me who has lived outside of the illusion of fear and scarcity for several years now will be ill prepared for such a shift and I can only wonder what it will be like for the masses, those who have yet to awaken who are still immersed in the illusion. I had always imagined a Berlin Wall like shift based on ousting the ruling elite and shifting out of duality into oneness as the wakeup call for the masses and a year or two of preparation time to set the stage for this shift.
This is not going to happen. We are less than five months away from this shift and duality remains in force with no urgency to shift into oneness. Clearly my plan is not going to be followed. Nor is the consciousness shift being delayed. Ready or not, here it comes.
How is it going to work? How is humanity going to move from this limited 3D consciousness that we live in to this expanded consciousness with all the attendant capabilities? Do you get a sense of my unease?
I don’t feel ready and I have spent the last six plus years in preparation. Most of the people I know have lived in denial all that time and continue to live in denial. They are even less ready; in my mind a whole lot less ready.
Then the truth dawned on me. We are all ready. Each and every human being is ready. Humanity was designed to live in the expanded consciousness that is happening in less than five months. Humanity is designed to thrive in this higher consciousness and the third dimensional life we have all been living these past several thousand years is the artificial construct. Humanity in general and each person individually will take to expanded consciousness like a duck to water. It is our natural state of consciousness and the adjustments will come naturally.
I have been watching a nesting family of swallows in the ceiling of a public gazebo nearby. The six young ones are nearly fledged and they will soon naturally take to the air and find their own food. That is what swallows do. In the same way, each of us will soon experience expanded consciousness and we will each take to it quite naturally and find our own way. That is what humans do. That is what we are designed to do and ready or not, that is what we will soon be doing.
None of this denigrates those I call the way-showers in any way or minimizes the contributions they are making. I number in this group and know firsthand some of the difficulties involved; some of the trials and tribulations. Those reading this blog are the way-showers and the pathfinders and I honor you.
You see, it is also true that humanity has been dumbed down, reengineered to live in limited consciousness and a significant portion of humanity are the way-showers and pathfinders leading the rest back into full consciousness, back into the expanded consciousness that is our natural home and way of being. In the hundred monkey syndrome, we are the first hundred monkeys. We have the learning curve to live through and get to take the detours and do the trial and error. Without us, the rest of humanity would not be ready on the appointed day; because of us, it will all be smooth as silk.

And so we have a paradox of sorts. Humanity as a whole walks smoothly and easily into expanded consciousness in a few months while the way-showers and pathfinders have a bumpy ride in preparation. Shed no tears for these pathfinders. This bumpy ride is full of joy as we each do what we came to do; as we each deliver the gifts we came to give.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. gold account says:

    Unconditional love is named aptly because the creative principle of love places no conditions on its creations, allowing for the exercise of free will in the upward karmic spiral of evolving human consciousness. The Bible sums up this foundational concept in three words: God is love. For the ancient Egyptians and Maya, to cite but two examples, such infinite love associated with the life-giving feminine principle emanates from Galactic Center, also called the Central or Healing Sun.

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