We’ve Come a Long Way!

I was born in 1948 and will use that as the reference point. At that time, humanity was recovering from the second of two world worlds and the first Olympics in over a decade were held in London. Sixty four years later and again the Olympic Games are being held in London.
Let’s look at the state of human consciousness in 1948. The war had seen atrocities committed on both sides, the holocaust and the atomic bombing of Japan being the two most glaring examples. Humanity’s timeline was trending down, headed for doom and destruction as we now had technology capable of destroying our world. Those firmly in charge were the ruling elite. They had created the war and sat like puppet masters on the sidelines with their banking masters lending money to both sides and accumulating debt, their principle control mechanism. They were active in the peace negotiations and pretty much got everything they wanted.
Humanity’s collective consciousness was in tatters and all the major streams contributing to the choosing of humanity’s timeline were firmly under the control of service to self masters. World control of the media was in place and the ET cover-up was in full operation with records being hidden and falsified and witnesses being ridiculed and intimidated into silence. Everything was in place for the total enslavement of humanity by a few service to self masters.
The Light had few resources to work with as the age of duality still had sixty plus years to go and earth was part of the Ankara Alliance, and a shining example of service to self success; with the fully duped masses willingly throwing their shoulder to the wheel of economic prosperity controlled by the ruling elite such that the world’s riches and resources were being harvested for the benefit of the few.
The call went out for highly evolved souls willing to live human lifetimes. This call remained active for decades and they came in waves. Slowly, human consciousness was raised with this influx of highly evolved souls and slowly, the tide was turned. Twenty five years ago, on August 17, 1987, a great event took place known as the Harmonic Convergence. Humanity played a central role by gathering people for mass meditations focused on oneness and cosmic support came in many ways including supporting ETs all targeting to raise humanity’s collective consciousness above the breakeven level. It worked and for the first time in eons, humanity now had the collective will to work toward oneness. The battles for humanity’s collective timeline were no longer decided by the service to self few in their coordinated backroom efforts.
Humanity now had the collective will to win these battles and began the long march to oneness and to the freedom contained therein.
Let us now fast forward to today. The Galactic Wars ended in the late 1990’s when the creator god of the service to self warrior races surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised his created races to do likewise. Shortly after the London subway bombings in 2005, our ET supporters were given cosmic permission to prevent the ruling elite from using explosives to create new disasters or world wars. The age of duality ended on October 28, 2011 and systems supporting duality are about to fall like dominoes and be replaced by systems supporting oneness. The service to self ruling elite were placed in containment on June 25, 2012 and can longer adversely affect humanity or humanity’s shared timeline. Humanity is slated to ascend as scheduled on the December solstice later this year.
These are huge shifts and all within my lifetime.

Yah, baby; we’ve come a long way.
Again, the Olympic Games are being held in London and tomorrow we will see the closing ceremonies, beamed around the world and watched by all of humanity. What an awesome opportunity to share the light and the love of oneness. Lightworkers the world over are being asked and encouraged to tune in and to join humanity’s joint meditation sending light and the love of oneness to all of humanity.
Joyous times are soon upon us.
Freedom for humanity…


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