Disclosure and Inner Earth

Back in 2008, I was talking to a spiritual friend and inviting disclosure and my friend asked matter-of-factly; ‘What makes you think these ETs are friendly?’ Without thinking I responded, ‘Because they are so much more technologically advanced than we are that if they were not friendly, we would already have been conquered.’
That was truth then and remains truth now. No matter how many movies are made based on the fanciful premise that humanity is capable of defending itself against hostile aliens, this premise just does not hold water. How is it possible that these aliens can manage space travel and yet still fight with guns and explosives? It just does not add up. If hostile aliens arrive in our skies they could easily take us over and the battle would be swift and decisive.
The truth is that we have been a conquered race and our masters did not want us talking with the ETs who are in our skies because our masters knew these ETs support humanity and target humanity’s freedom and the ousting of those ruling over us. How better to prevent such interactions than to deny the very presence of ETs and as an added bonus, create fiction where ETs are painted as hostile outsiders. By so doing, the ETs are kept at arm’s length and their information is prevented from entering the mainstream of human knowledge. With containment, these masters have been ousted; but the masses remain traumatized by the decades of conditioning and disclosure remains a tricky proposition.
We are entering the time period where the ETs will be making themselves known to us, not just to the Lightworking community who have long been open to supportive ETs and have maintained communication is various ways, but also to the masses of people who are not yet awakened and still accept as truth what they read in the newspapers and see on TV. Later today is the closing ceremonies for the Olympics and there is widely held anticipation of ETs making some sort of appearance. We shall see.
I am being asked to include another group in the disclosure conversation. They are the Argarthans, the inhabitants of Inner Earth. When Lumeria sank below the waves eons ago, members of that highly advanced civilization took refuge inside the earth and in the fullness of time, descendants of this sister branch of humanity ascended and already live in fifth dimensional Inner Earth. They have long been members of the Galactic Federation of Light and are working hand in glove with our ET supporters to effect humanity’s freedom and assist humanity on the road to ascension and individual sovereignty.
As disclosure dawns, the Argarthans will come out of the shadows and play a pivotal role as humanity regains their freedom. The Argarthans are part of humanity. They look like us and share our DNA. When they once again walk among us, they will be part of the oneness of humanity. Humanity will no longer be divided into the ascended ones living in fifth dimensional inner earth and those living in the third dimension on earth’s surface. Instead we will unite in oneness and join hands in a joyful reunion.
Many of us have had past lives in inner earth and many Argarthans have had past lives as third dimensional humans. We know each other. We are friends and family. When the veil is lifted in December, it will be like a great homecoming as we embrace and share stories and reacquaint ourselves with our brothers and sisters from this sister civilization. We have long worked together in preparation for these times; these times of liberation, of abundance, of oneness and of individual sovereignty.
The Argarthans have worked long and hard in preparation for disclosure. They have healing chambers ready for each of us to help us on our personal journey into ascension, into the fifth dimension, and beyond. The Argarthans went underground eons ago because they knew the surface of earth was being taken over by service to self masters and they chose to go underground to escape and to continue their evolutionary path. The Argarthans succeeded and long ago ascended into the fifth dimension. For eons they have targeted to assist humanity in that same journey and that opportunity is now. The Argarthans will be playing a major role as disclosure unfolds.
An inner knowing is dawning within me that many of my closest friends and associates are Argarthans. It is with eager anticipation that I await disclosure and the opportunity to welcome my long lost brethren and perhaps visit inner earth. As a friend said, ‘I would rather visit inner earth than visit Europe.’ I second that emotion.
Freedom for humanity…


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  1. sadee says:

    will they give us vril energy?

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