The Olympics are Over – Now What?

The Olympics came and went without disclosure fireworks and that seems the way it was meant to be. The Olympics carry so much baggage and garbage from the ruling elite and linking the Olympics to the coming shifts really does not make sense. I am getting the strong impression that the shifts are very much underway behind the scenes and it will all be breaking very soon. Of course, I have been saying that for months, even years and still there has been no breakthrough event. Let me clarify that. There have been huge shifts in terms of consciousness and in terms of heart centered living, in myself and in many of my friends; but the world seemingly goes on as before.
Seemingly may be the key word here. Read something today that the new financial system is in place. The old one is all electronic and the Light has hacked into the old one and replaced it with a new one honoring oneness and individual sovereignty. It is shadowing the old and can be installed at any time. Still waiting the right impetus, which involves the collapse of the old but the old is an unsustainable house of cards and will implode at the slightest provocation and I have no doubt that the Light knows the weak points and can provocate at will.

In a related vein, Canada’s Prime Minister is a man named Stephen Harper. I have held a low opinion of this man for many years now. Not that I follow politics particularly because I don’t and I don’t even pay much attention to the legislation being passed. My low opinion is because of the energy the man carried. I am very sensitive to energy and he carried the energy of a thug, a leg-breaker kind of energy. ‘You either do this my way or I will send my boys after you’ kind of energy. In the past few days I have had two Harper sightings (both on TV). One was a speaking part when the Canadian soccer team lost in the semi-finals and one was on camera taking in another sporting event. In both cases, I found myself enjoying the man’s energy. Despite myself and despite my opinions and predispositions, I found myself enjoying the man’s energy.
It came to me this morning that Harper is a walk-in. As soon as the thought occurred, there was instant confirmation. The old Harper was placed in containment and chose to leave. The person operating Harper’s body is now a walk-in. This has happened with a number of people in key positions and Harper is one of them. When I review the process I went through regarding walking-in to Harper’s body, I realize that I was not being asked to do so; I was being informed that this has been done. I sometimes leap to incorrect assumptions and this is a case in point. Wow, does this walk-in ever have an interesting path to walk. The walk-out Harper has surrounded himself with yes-men and yes-women and people with a very much service to self approach. Here he is now, completely changed and targeting entirely different objectives. Very difficult, but then the walk-in soul knew all that and much more when walking-in. I will be watching this chapter of the piece as it plays out with special interest.

Back to seemingly. The old regimes around the world remain in place and seemingly continue to do what they have always done. But that is an illusion. Many key figures are in containment so they cannot continue to do what they have always done and some of them have chosen to shift and support the changes soon to come. Others, like Harper, have walked-out and the walk-in soul is a highly evolved replacement with completely different objectives to the soul that walked-out. Seemingly, Harper is the same person but at the soul level and the level of intention, there is a complete shift. That shift will make itself manifest in due course and that shift will change the world; ushering in the long awaited shifts into oneness, into abundance, and into disclosure which is truth in all its forms.

I really can’t shake this feeling of imminent major shifts. The Olympics are over and that creates a kind of vacuum as the focus and attention we have collectively held is gone and we all settle into life’s routines. Stay tuned and stay positive. There is no room for fear in what is unfolding.

Freedom for humanity…


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