In a Matter of Minutes

A lot is going on these days with the shift being cued up and the ruling elites still with plenty of residual power to stall the process and get in the way. Containment is a complex process and bits and pieces kept coming to me by various means. Not only is it complex with full containment being like a virtual prison while many are in lesser forms of containment as their lives have many aspects and only some of these aspects are important in terms of the shifts soon to come.

Another complexity about containment is related to who is placed in containment. Only those with key roles in the shift from duality to oneness or with key roles related to Ascension are candidates for containment. Obviously, the ruling elite fits into this category and the first wave of containment starting back on June 25th targeted the front line ruling elite; the godfathers and the planners, those with the full picture and those pulling the strings. This took the ruling elite’s leadership out of the loop and allowed the Light to set up the oneness financial systems and cue them up in readiness for the shift.

Containment is now moving to the tier two ruling elite. These are the movers and shakers, the ruling elite wantabes and those willing and able to be of service to the ruling elite. Some are dupes, others are opportunists, while others have had many lifetimes in apprenticeship and use dark methods with ease and comfort. Canada’s Prime Minister is one of these as are many government leaders around the world. Also in this group are royalty, politicians, industrialists, bankers, police and military officials, media and celebrities, and many other currently influential people.

Of course, not all in any of these groups serve the ruling elite but a significant percentage does as those who do not have been systematically weeded out on an ongoing basis. I had my own experience of this back in the late 1980’s. I was a rising star in a 1000 person mining company using Light based methods of management; which by the way are much more effective than methods of the ruling elite (oneness methods vs. duality methods). My boss’s boss took a special interest in our division and took control. He was very much a ruling elite wantabe and insisted I use ruling elite methods. I refused and was soon gone from the scene and gone from influencing management in this particular company. Just an example of the natural selection that took place under the umbrella of ruling elite leadership.

As I now understand it, humanity is waiting for one of two triggers for the shifts to take place. One is for the light quotient of humanity to reach the tipping point. If this happens, the changes will take place organically as humanity will have sufficient light to trigger the shift and sufficient light to welcome all that entails. Another way to look at this is the masses will demand change; similar to what happened in Egypt when Mubarak was deposed and what is currently happening in Mexico. The recent changes in Iceland also took this form.

The other possible trigger is the collapse of the ruling elite’s corrupt financial system. Should this happen, the oneness financial system prepared by the Light and cued up in readiness will be substituted. This will cause the awakening of the masses and usher in disclosure; beginning the shift into oneness. Presently, this is the front runner but we are in a very volatile period and things can and do shift in a moment’s notice. There have even been hints of something human based that is not even on the radar screen which could provide the impetus.

One thing is clear. The ETs, and I include the inner earth residents in this grouping, do not want to be seen as fronting the tipping event. That could be misinterpreted as a hostile takeover and this perception serves no one and could do significant damage to the larger agenda of oneness and Ascension.

Meanwhile, the net of containment continues to spread to the tier two ruling elite, so the ruling elite continue to lose power and influence daily. In a related and parallel stream, the Light coalition of humans, Argarthans, and ETs continues to make behind the scenes shifts and changes and cue these up to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition once the trigger event takes place.

It does not get much better than that. I used to wait in impatient patience. Now I am patient. (Full stop) As someone pointed out, disclosure does not take months. Disclosure takes minutes. With our instant communications, we can move in minutes from the current situation of patiently waiting to a situation where the world is shifted and disclosure is all anyone is talking about. This does not take months, this takes a matter of minutes.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to In a Matter of Minutes

  1. las artes says:

    The proposed constitutional change aimed at empowerment of people has the potential to revolutionize the power structure. It will, in consequence, curb the arbitrariness of ruling politicians and bureaucrats and challenge the elected representatives to develop oneness with the people at the peril of their support base. Naturally, it will raise many questions: Will the separateness of village republics weaken the unity of the country? What changes will be necessary in the all-India and state-level services (IAS, IPS, etc.)? Will these changes affect their efficiency? What changes will be necessary in the domain of administration of justice?

  2. Panama says:

    Planned insanity? I really think the ruling elite believe they will be safe and sound in their gated communities with private security guards when chaos erupts in this very unequal system. Stockpiles of food, water, etc., and the goon squad protecting them makes these people feel immune from the vicissitudes of the common people and the consequences of their corporate and political actions.

  3. gold price says:

    The ruling elite are placed on the sidelines as spectators watching but unable to influence the outcome of the ‘game’. Meanwhile the game is underway without fanfare and the game is an orderly transfer of power. An orderly dismantling of all the ruling elite’s carefully crafted systems of duality; the banking systems and income taxes to pay the interest on the national debts they artificially created. The patent systems that have allowed the ruling elite to ‘own’ abundance technologies and keep them under lock and key, preventing their use by humanity; thus ensuring the continuation of artificial scarcity and the continuation of the ruling elite’s exploitive technologies. The ‘democratic’ process of creating free elections where no choice represents the Light, where only lesser evil choices exist. The controlled press worldwide that pretends we are alone in this universe and that humanity needs to be governed or we will destroy ourselves. Wars and all the profiteers from armed conflict, the arms dealers, the bankers funding weapons and conflict. The industrial/military complex etc., etc. More importantly, the orderly transfer includes an orderly installation of replacement systems, systems that support oneness and support abundance. This is not my area of expertise so I cannot say how this will look but any number of supporting ETs have such systems in place on their home planets so humanity has lots to models from which to draw.

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