25th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence

Tomorrow, August 17th, is the 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence. Why is the Harmonic Convergence significant? Up until then, humanity was on a downward spiral heading for doom and destruction with the ruling elite and their service to self off-world masters determining our collective timeline. In a joint effort involving humanity and supportive ETs, humanity’s collective consciousness crashed through the breakeven point on August 17, 1987 and began humanity’s long journey toward freedom and Ascension. This coordinated effort is known as the Harmonic Convergence.
One of my friends is Judy Watts, an Eastern Canadian, with strong ET connections particularly with the Sirians. She is a walk-in who came to pioneer the physical and psychic shifts necessary for Ascension and paid a high price as she was largely unsupported in her human community, plus the medical community misdiagnosed her as ‘bi-polar’. She participated in the Harmonic Convergence and here is her description of that moment in time.

I was living in London, Ontario, Canada in the late 1980’s and, not for the first or last time, I somehow found myself backing out of my driveway in the middle of the night with this higher level of energy leaving me no alternative but to “take a drive”. My young daughters were safely at their father’s home for summer holiday time and I found myself driving my car northwest of the city, along unfamiliar and deserted county roads. I can pretty much guarantee I was listening to a tape of either Rick Astley (English dance beat) or The Carpenters as certain pulsating rhythms and voices both soothed and accelerated my physical energy in what I started thinking of as “time out of time’ occurrences like this. And also not for the first or last time I felt I was being accompanied by an invisible physical presence in the passenger seat; a presence that I felt so strongly but couldn’t accept or acknowledge in any way. Although sometimes I felt kind of sorry for him because he must have always been holding my purse on his lap.
On this particular moon-lit night, as I approached a corner where two country roads intersected, something extremely rare happened. Without any physical incentive for what came next, suddenly I dramatically pounded my steering wheel with the palms of both hands at least three times and yelled in loud elation, “We DID it!!! We DID it!!!”
I eventually made my way safely home. For over twenty years I never understood who WE were. Nor, did I have any idea what WE had done. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I was able to explore another corner of that sacred closet where many things were simply not ready to be seen or understood until the time was right. At least that’s my understanding now. I was reading something that referenced the importance of the Harmonic Convergence and I suddenly knew! My own life as a single mom and administrative assistant at the University of Western Ontario and that strange and profound experience were all tied together. WOW! I was aware of exactly what had taken place because I was in on the plans before they unfolded. I am one with the larger family of heaven-sent angels who are slowly, consistently changing the countenance of this beloved planet on which we live. We had all agreed to come here on various missions and on that magic day we knew we had reached an integral level of success. The loop was closed. WE DID IT!

Thank you, Judy!!! Like most of humanity, I slumbered through this momentous event, learning about it much later. I do have a memory of talking with Judy in about 2006 when she first recounted this experience to me. It struck me then that she could have participated in the Harmonic Convergence and we did a little memory surfing to confirm that the dates made that a distinct possibility.
It should be noted that in limited consciousness, Judy was not consciously aware of what she had done or even of the team she was working with. That remains true to this day, both for Judy and for the vast majority of the way-showing human community. As humans, we have accepted limited consciousness and the veils imposed on us. That is the nature of the beast so to speak.
None the less, it is happening and people like Judy are now finding a supporting community within humanity which facilitates this challenging and often lonely work.
Freedom for humanity…


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