Sovereignty and Oneness

I have invited my ET friends who are humanity’s supporters in this great shift from duality into oneness to use me in whatever way serves the greatest good. I know the greatest good includes my good and that is for me sufficient protection. I do not expect to be a sacrificial lamb as I believe I have a role to play in this ongoing process. Thus, I will make my contributions and provide a template and come out the other side ready and able to play the role that is mine to play. I came into this lifetime with a mission and by being totally surrendered to Divinity, since 2006, I have walked down the path of that mission. Now it is a path shared with these ETs who have asked if I am willing to be their teammate. Yes, I am; as long as it serves the greater good and at times when it feels as though some of me will be used as a resource, I ask that it serve the greatest good. I feel protected in this process; I feel like a powerful being on the path to serving a vital purpose which I am uniquely able to serve.

Humanity has been so conditioned to think they are victims in so many ways and part of that conditioning is the revenge motive which is just part of the victimhood cycle as the victim or their kin become the victimizer and the cycle continues. Forgiveness breaks the cycle and sets the forgiver free. I am friends with a couple who were victimized while traveling in South America. They transcended the experience using forgiveness and love and are experiencing a great deal of influence as a result. A television network wants to make a documentary of the situation and they are standing in solidarity, saying they will only cooperate on the basis of being in the Light and holding all the others involved including the perpetrators as being in the Light. This is blowing the minds of those making the documentary and we shall see how it all shakes out.
Had a morning dream, very vivid and real, of coaching someone who wanted to progress toward enlightenment. They were in danger of giving away their power in this process. Many of us do that and many teaching methods are based on the premise that it is a necessary part of the process. There is a tradition of surrendering to the Teacher that is widely emulated, both directly in various eastern streams and indirectly in various manipulations that I see and have experienced. In oneness, none of this makes any sense what so ever. In oneness, we are all one and serve as both teacher and student in all interactions.
In my dream, I was teaching the student to be in her power and to not give it away. The process was for her to place her hand on my stomach and say, ‘I want to be a student, not a disciple.’ Don’t know if this had any more significance than what I have shared or not. It was very powerful and the student in my dreams was having a great deal of difficulty holding herself in this higher light. At a certain level she wanted to take the easy way out, to surrender to the Teacher and give away the responsibility of being sovereign. That is her choice to make but it is an illusion as that responsibility cannot be given away and the teacher who takes it is as culpable as the student who gives it away. In my dream, the student resisted saying ‘I want to be a student, not a disciple’ on two or three tries and I woke up. I felt completely pure and clean in all of this and completely in my power.

My choice is to pursue sovereignty both within myself and as the ideal for everyone else. I see this as the great work I am to do in this lifetime. Humanity has learned such bad habits in the eons of duality and sovereignty is such a messed up and messed with process. In duality, sovereignty is scarce, and held by the few. That is true in every aspect of duality, in law, in countries, in corporations, in religions, even in the smaller units like families. The concept of individual sovereignty is not workable within duality as it flows automatically into oneness. You cannot have we and them, two necessary components of duality, if we are each individually sovereign. There can be no boss and no subordinate when both are sovereign. All aspects of duality simply evaporate with individual sovereignty and we are left with oneness. Oneness is what naturally flows from individual sovereignty.

My ET friends understand individual sovereignty as that is what is in place in their home planets and is the basis for all highly evolved civilizations. They have trouble understanding duality. This gives me great comfort when dealing with them as there are no attempts to lessen my sovereignty or make me in anyway subservient. That is just not in their practices or in their way of looking at any relationship.

Freedom for humanity…


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