Oneness – The Other Shoe

I find myself in this state of waiting for the other shoe to drop. The deadlines have come and gone for the ruling elite to enter cooperatively into the transfer of power from duality into oneness and we are now waiting for the transfer to take place outside of the consent and cooperation of the ruling elite. There are many ways this may happen and that is the other shoe.
From my perspective, the ruling elite leadership is all in containment by now and that net has been extended to the second tier of the ruling elite. It is over eight weeks since the containment process began and yet we continue seemingly as before. The media is still firmly controlled by those supporting the ruling elite and truth is still a rare commodity in political circles. No country’s government has stepped forward to invite disclosure, and the systems of the ruling elite remain in place funnelling money into the pockets of the few. The world’s resources continue to be exploited and depleted. All that ails the world continues to ail the world. It is very easy under these circumstances to get impatient.
Behind the scenes much has been done and this work continues daily. It is over eight weeks since containment started and when the other shoe drops, change will be swift and in many ways seamless as systems of oneness lie ready and waiting to replace the duality systems that no longer serve.
Energetically and at the level of consciousness, humanity continues to progress by leaps and bounds. Those who are awakened feel this in their own unique way. Those who continue to slumber are also feeling this but don’t know what to make of it. None the less, the collective know as humanity is moving steadily and unerringly into higher energy levels and higher levels of consciousness. This is putting more and more pressure on the obsolete systems of the ruling elite and when the other shoe drops, it will be heard around the world.

I have no direct role in the preparation of the replacement systems but, like many fellow Lightworkers, I participate at the level of energy and the level of consciousness. Last night was very eventful in this regard. Around three a.m. I was awakened by my ‘take action now signal’ and lay wide awake for the next ten or fifteen minutes as the signal went berserk. I was being asked to clear some negative energy, some energy deployed in the maintenance of duality systems. I am a conduit for clearing energies that do not serve the greater good and this was occurring. The negative energy first built within my solar plexus chakra and was then discharging to ground, to Earth. I targeted to serve the greater good and allowed all this to happen, facilitating the clearing to the best of my ability. After about fifteen minutes of intense energy, the work was done and these energies of duality were discharged and no longer active.
For the next two hours, I lay awake basking in the energies of being of service and of serving the greater good. I got up for a few minutes and meditated in my usual place and felt some residuals being cleared and falling into place. As often happens, there are parallel streams in my personal life and these were positively affected by the same process of clearing negative energies, both primary and residual. After about two hours, I fell back to sleep and slept peacefully until morning.

The large loosely knit team bringing truth and light to humanity continues to pick up strength and momentum. Despite the seemingly sameness of our world and its systems supporting duality, the other shoe is getting ever closer to dropping and when it drops, things will never be the same. Oneness systems will move quickly and seamlessly into place and humanity will end their long detour into duality, thereby ending the long reign of the ruling elite and ending the secrecy and duplicity that has been necessary to keep the ruling elite in power. Containment is preventing the ruling elite from furthering their service to self objectives and the other shoe will soon sweep away their power and sweep away their systems such that duality will become a mere footnote in humanity’s ongoing history.
The golden era is soon upon us. The era based on oneness and on individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity…


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