Coordinating the Loosely Knit Team

Lightworkers are a loosely knit team going about the business of bringing truth, light, freedom and oneness to our planet and to humanity. This is a huge project with many different threads and the coordinative function is mostly taking place off planet, including Source itself. How do Lightworkers stay connected and stay on track? How do we coordinate our efforts so we pull together and contribute to the overall progress of this great project?
For me that is a simple matter. In 2006 I surrendered to Source and since that time have followed my ‘guidance’ whoever and whatever that may be. Source is everywhere and in all things and with a little practice, I have been able to discern Source oriented guidance from other forms. Over the years I have fine tuned this and a little over a year ago, I shifted guides after making it very clear that I was only serving the greater good and no other form of guidance ‘need apply’. Greater good guidance is the only kind of guidance emanating from Source, so there have been few detours.

One function that requires my free will is to choose the threads of this project that call to me. Choosing is directly related to the mission my soul chose before this embodiment. That mission hangs out there in the haze and is not part of my conscious awareness but at the soul level forms a component of my guidance. Over two years ago, I made the conscious choice to be involved with ousting the ruling elite and this has been a consistent thread for me ever since. At the time of making that choice, I was aware that this work was in good hands and would happen with or without my help. However, much of what I am targeting has this work as a precondition so it is a natural focus for me.
One thread that has not called to me is the earth changes necessary for supporting fifth dimensional life here on earth. One of my friends is directly involved with these changes as portals are opened and the earth, Gaia, prepares for her ascension, slated for 12-12-12. These last few days have been pivotal for this work and lots has been happening. Mostly, I have been a bystander as I hold space for successful outcomes. It seemed I was directly involved in the energetic episode of a couple of nights ago as I grounded some interfering energies originating in the ruling elite’s resistance. Just another example of teamwork coordinated by the guidance available to me and to each member of this loosely knit team.
Other threads of this project have come and gone from my focus. One was rejuvenation. It called to me for a while and I made free will choices to play a role in pioneering rejuvenation for humanity. That turned into a big learning experience for me and taught me some lessons related to sovereignty. Eventually I realized that rejuvenation was the mission of others and my mission was related to sovereignty. As such, I have surrendered the rejuvenation work back to Source and back to others in this loosely knit team. Rejuvenation will happen along with all the other major shifts as the ruling elite are ousted and their illusion is ended. I am no longer directly involved in this thread and like the earth changes, simply hold space for its success. I will be among those who rejuvenate, but the pioneering work will be done by others.

One of my issues has been the fear that the ruling elite might continue their service to self rule over that portion of humanity that chose to remain in the third dimension. That was unacceptable to me as that portion of humanity deserves a third dimensional stepping stone into the higher dimensions and being ruled by service to self masters does not allow this.
Over the past six months, it has become clear that the ruling elite are being ousted fully and completely from any form of ruling activity. Since the ending of the age of duality in October 2011, service to self rule is no longer an option available as a life path. This particular detour is no longer being supported and such activities and free will choices will immediately lead to life lessons in accordance with cosmic law. This hoped for target of the earth’s ruling elite is no longer available. Instead, the earth’s ruling elite are being contained and prevented from perpetuating this life style, either here or elsewhere in the universe. Some have chosen to shift into the Light, some are being rehabilitated, and some are choosing to return to Source where a fresh start is being initiated. That was part of my mission and I have played a minor role in this unfolding.
Meanwhile, the ruling elite’s systems continue to enslave us. Freedom and the ending of the ruling elite’s illusion will happen in Divine right timing. What that timing is, I do not know, but each thread of this great project contributes and the end of this enslavement is in sight.

Freedom for humanity…


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