An Easy Ride

I have been reading interviews and life stories of various Lightworkers that are coming into my awareness and I am struck by the rough ride these people have taken. Many have had horrific childhoods of abuse and violence, others have high levels of interference from those serving the ruling elite, and some have ET abductions for various nefarious purposes. Then there are the walk-ins and near death experiences that form a large part of today’s Lightworker community. None of this is my experience.
As an example, one woman doing military service was abducted by ETs and ‘surgically’ impregnated. She knew Lightworkers in the community and went to them for help. They did group séance work to break the contract this woman had somehow entered into and a week or two later, the pregnancy ended, no miscarriage, just no longer pregnant. This woman went looking for answers within the military community and was again abducted, this time by humans and shown an underground installation where technology was being developed. That was the contract, human DNA via the mixed birth for technological information. At the end of the tour, a high ranking human officer met with her and told her to quit digging, making some clear although veiled threats against her family and loved ones.

Back to the easy ride I have taken and some of the possible reasons. I have long respected Divine right timing. I was killed as an eleven year old girl along with my mother in a lifetime about a thousand years ago and chose, thereafter, to live lifetimes without direct opposition to the ruling elite until the time was right, e.g. until this lifetime. At a deep level, I knew the futility of attempts to oust the ruling elite before the Divine right time that we are now in. My approach was to live and let live, to bide my time so to speak. I never joined the ruling elite, at least I have not been shown any such lifetime, but I no longer directly opposed them. Instead I chose to develop my human traits and my human skills.
In this lifetime, my childhood was a happy one and empowering in many ways. My mother loved me unconditionally until I was five when I frightened her by my spiritual gifts. She was and is deeply scripted in scarcity and taught me competitive approaches and conditional love as she feared I would not survive in the world of that day. Perhaps she was right. My father who passed a couple of years ago is a highly evolved being although not skilled in being human, so he made some errors. Even so, he was not abusive to me and left me with no significant childhood scars.
I avoided any and all organizations and institutions prone to contracts with the ruling elite and remained independent, remained sovereign. I made it through university without being sucked into any kind of servitude to the ruling elite and went into the business world as a sovereign individual. Luck, or a guiding hand landed me in a business backwater and I rose to prominence using methods of the Light. Not until I was general manager did the ruling elite influence impinge on my life and I chose to leave rather than become subservient; again protecting my sovereignty and avoiding making contracts as a precondition for my advancement.
I did not awaken spiritually until after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and did not get serious about my spiritual development until 2004. As such, I never made it onto the ruling elite’s A-list and more or less flew under the radar. I posed no threat to the ruling elite until a couple of years ago and by then they were in fire fighting mode and did not have the resources to deal with the small fire I represented. They knew about me as evidenced by the etheric meeting I attended earlier this year with high ranking ruling elite officials. At that meeting, I offered assistance to anyone wishing to surrender to the Light and voluntarily take part in an orderly transfer of power.
So here I am, nearing the greatest shift in human history and I am sovereign. I have made no contracts with the ruling elite in this lifetime and I am free to do as I chose. The ruling elite have no leverage with me. More than that, I am very comfortable in my human body, in this physical vehicle; and I am very comfortable being human. I very much look forward to becoming a multidimensional being and to continuing a physical human existence for at least part of my ongoing experiential journey.

This has been an easy ride for me and I like being human. It is home to me.
Freedom for humanity…


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