Do No Harm

We are fast approaching a major shift for humanity where world leadership will be targeting individual sovereignty and abundance for all. Empowerment is integral to this world view so all of humanity will be empowered. The universal principle of do no harm comes very much into play. Imagine a world where we can each manifest whatever we want. This is only workable within the playing field of ‘do no harm’. Then each of us is manifesting in ways that serve those around us. It is not us versus them anymore or any other form of duality; it is oneness and all that each of us manifests is integrated into the oneness in ways that contribute rather than restrict.

For the past two years, I have had a focus on ousting the ruling elite and over the past five months, that has been my primary focus. Let us put this in the context of do no harm. It could be argued that ousting the ruling elite does harm to the ruling elite. It takes away their free will and deprives them of their opportunity to dominate and exploit the rest of humanity. The problem, of course, is that the ruling elite’s methods and objectives deprive the rest of humanity of their free will and systemically impose harm on the rest of humanity, both collectively and individually.
‘Do no harm’ extends to honoring the free will of others and to honoring the truth. Any manifestation that impinges on the free will of another or tampers with the truth is in effect doing harm to another. As an example, I draw on the recent death of astronaut Neil Armstrong. He was forced by the ruling elite into silence about his moon mission experience through treats against not only himself but also his wife, his children and his grandchildren. This man of integrity chose to live a somewhat reclusive life with his enforced secret rather than being put into positions of having to publically lie about his moon walk experience of a sky full of ET spaceships. Imagine the harm this did to Neil Armstrong.
That is the problem. The ruling elite do not abide by the ‘do no harm’ credo. They are service to self oriented and ‘do no harm’ does not come into the equation. Service to self and ‘do no harm’ are incompatible. When the focus is on service to self, all actions are judged by that criteria and harm to others, collateral damage as it is referred to in war zones, is a natural by-product. In oneness, service to self is the by-product of service to others and do no harm is the focus.
My etheric meeting with ruling elite leadership about four months ago carried the fundamentals of the shift we are entering. My basic message to the ruling elite was ‘Your time is up. I feel for you and can understand your pain but the time of ruling over humanity is over. You can either surrender voluntarily and participate in an orderly transfer of power, or you will be ousted. The era of duality ended last October and the universe no longer supports service to self rulers.’

That is the crossroads we now stand at. Humanity has long been governed by service to self leadership and exploited as a result. We are now at the crossroads. What we know for sure is the service to self leadership will be removed (already happened through the miracle of containment) and service to others leadership will be installed. That much is written. What then?
Then it will be up to us. It will be up to us individually and collectively. Individually, we will each be empowered to create within a backdrop of abundance and of ‘do no harm’. A service to others approach helps in terms of walking the path of ‘do no harm’ but the real key is to serve the greater good. That is the direct connection to Source and the path to painlessly and unerringly creating within the context of oneness.
Do no harm is the principle, serve the greater good is the way.
Freedom for humanity…

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