Following Greater Good Guidance

At a ten day meditation retreat in 2006, I confirmed that I was here on a mission, a mission my soul had agree to before embodiment. I also realized that in order to live my mission, I would have to surrender the overall direction of my life to higher powers, surrender to Divinity. On about day three, I committed to spending the retreat in surrender. That was not difficult; it was only ten days and would be a good experience and a good experiment.
Trouble was, each time I entered into the meditative state, it was clear to me that surrender was the necessary mind state in order to live my mission, not just for the retreat but until my mission was accomplished. My small self did not like this and kept trying to find a loop hole, but each time I returned to the meditative state, the truth returned. ‘Living your mission requires your surrender. Your small self (ego) does not have the required overview or sufficient connections. If you want to live your mission nothing less than surrender is required until your mission is accomplished.’ By day eight I was ready and by the end of the retreat, I had made the commitment to surrender my life’s direction to Divinity.
I attended two more lengthy retreats before the year was over and each time deepened my state of surrender, overcoming obstacles and small self arguments standing in the way of complete surrender. At one retreat, I surrendered my mission which appeared to me as a burden I was carrying. It was given back to me, but shifted into a gift; a gift to me because it gave me purpose and a gift I was to give to humanity. That is the miracle of surrender. Stuff that is not ours is taken from us and stuff that is ours to do is shifted and is no longer a burden.

The process of surrender is never fully complete, but the rough cut took about nine months and required me to learn ways of asking for guidance that accessed Divinity. What I found was that phrasing guidance requests in terms of serving the greater good was the short cut to Divine guidance. Divinity was slow to respond to direct requests but would give ready guidance to ‘what serves the greater good’ type inquiries. Eventually, I figured out that Divinity always serves the greater good. That is Divinity’s function. We all have free will and can override greater good guidance but it is always there; omnipotent and omnipresent. Greater good guidance is always readily available.
I could see that my good was tied into the greater good and after a year or so of following greater good guidance; I began to realize that my greatest good and the greater good were one and the same. I was also truly happy for the first time in my life. Further, I could see that allowing the small self to make decisions had resulted in detours as I had pursued various illusions and happiness had eluded me. In the spring of 2008, I took a three month detour, a three month holiday from following greater good guidance. Wow, what a wake-up call. I have returned to following my greater good guidance ever since with renewed dedication and a profound understanding that my inner happiness cannot be found in any other way.

I don’t target to be of service and I don’t target to ‘do no harm’. All I target is to honor my greater good guidance. This guidance is available all the time and in most situations. Occasionally I encounter a situation where no guidance is forthcoming. At first this was perplexing but when I went deeper, I found that this decision was for me to make and either choice would serve the greater good, just different routes. These are free will decisions in accordance with some cosmic law beyond my present understanding. So I make these decisions and learn the lessons therein contained. Once such a choice is made, greater good guidance returns as I walk the path the free will choice determined.
The choice to surrender to Divinity made in May 2006 has changed my life and I am now living my mission. I have free will and could have continued my half hearted ego based existence and taken detour after detour. It seems likely my soul would have arranged an illness or an accident as a wake-up call and who knows the result. As it was, I shifted my decision making process and have become a way-shower and a pathfinder as humanity approaches the greatest shift in human history.
Awesome way to live a life.
Freedom for humanity…

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