Blue Moon

A blue moon is the second of two full moons occurring in one month. There is at least one blue moon every year as thirteen moon cycles of twenty eight days each take 364 days and a year is at least a day longer. In fact about four times every century, we have two blue moons in the year. Today is this year’s blue moon and tonight is blue moon night with the second full moon in the month of August.
Since writing this, I did a little research and learned that the moon cycle averages a little over 29 and half days; so Blue Moons are much less common than I stated, occurring once every two or three years.
We have clear skies here in Calgary and I went walking after sundown and there was the blue moon, bright and not blue at all, but breathtaking in her beauty. I was inspired to write this piece after muddling about all day in the throes of the energies being beamed our way, especially during key times such as full moons and other special occasions. I was reminded of leaving a meditation retreat about five years ago and driving east directly into a rising full moon that looked at least twice normal size, in part because of my heightened awareness after several days of meditation and in part because the rising moon appears bigger due to the refraction of the extra layers of the atmosphere that occurs when the moon is close to the horizon. It was a harvest moon in the fall of the year. That was awe inspiring and filled me with gratitude; something I will always remember.

The moon, along with Venus, has always been associated with goddess energy, with the energies of the Divine feminine. It is also very much within the reach of humanity’s ET masters who have for millennia used the moon for nefarious purposes. Partly because these masters wanted to repress the Divine feminine and partly because the moon is the perfect location for world-wide mind control devices; the moon has been the source of various programming designed to repress feminine energies and promote aggression and exploitation. More and more information is coming to light as these mind control technologies are being dismantled and the moon returns to its original function as a balancing energy, balancing the masculine energies of the sun.
I have been a sungazer for over five years now and when I first began, part of my research was related to moon gazing. HRM, the sungazing guru, advised against; reminding sungazers that the work lunacy existed for a reason. He went on to explain that similar words linking the moon to lunacy existed in all the world’s languages and he was aware of people losing their sanity after a long term process of extensive moon gazing. It came to me later that the reason for this is the mind control programming being beamed constantly and steadily from the moon’s surface under the control of the service to self ETs who took over Earth and the moon eons ago.

As I walked under today’s blue moon and spent some time moon gazing and communing with the moon and with my various guides, it came to me that this information is no longer valid. Our former ET masters have shifted into the Light and the nest of service to self ETs and non-physical entities that used to command the moon and operate the mind control generators have all been forced to leave. The mind control equipment has been shut down over the past few weeks and moon gazing is now a safe and beneficial practice. What I am getting is that moon gazing is now a good way to reconnect with the Divine feminine. (Yes, there came the confirmation.)
Just another indication of how far the Light has come over the past few months. Since the solar eclipse in May and the transit of Venus in early June, so much has shifted. The Earth’s ruling elite are now contained and the patriarchal forces that have long controlled humanity have either shifted or been required to leave.
This is indeed a blessed blue moon and I am filled with gratitude as humanity continues to throw off the shackles of the era of duality and we move into oneness with a healthy balance returning between masculine and feminine energies. Humanity cannot evolve without both energies or without being in balance. After millennia of unbalanced masculine energies we are returning to a healthy and nurturing balance with the moon’s Divine feminine energy once again restored to its pure and enlightening form.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…

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