The Paradigm Shift into Truth

Blue Moon is still the last post on my blog. Very unusual and I think this is the first time I have gone three full days without posting since beginning to write the blog thirty three months ago. A lot of energy has been moving through me these past few days, with the blue moon and with the earth changes that are ongoing. My heels are once again sore and tender as I absorb and clear negative energy and some does not pass easily which affects my heels. It is not nearly as intense as it was back in May when I had inch long tears on the outside of each heal but the process is the same as the energies of duality continue to be collected and cleared into the earth where they are transmuted and become energies serving oneness and serving the ascension process as we move into the fifth dimension.
Boy, talk about catching up on sleep. That seems all I am doing these days. I went to my two year old grandson’s birthday party yesterday and found it extremely enervating. I can’t really put my finger on why and perhaps that is not for me to know but I left when it was over and walked home and that helped a little but I remained unmotivated the rest of the day. I watched some golf and some tennis and then had an hour plus nap around five. Did nothing much until bedtime around midnight and slept until eleven. Do you think I am getting enough sleep? LOL
I woke in the wee hours last night with a sense of negative energies, energies of separation and of duality. It was not intense and I soon fell back to sleep and when I woke again around seven all of this was cleared. It seems I am serving in some capacity during my sleep and this has been an ongoing sensation for several months now. My ET friends continue to work with me and they are there now as I write this, supporting me and confirming that much of my current contributions are taking place during my sleep time. It seems other aspects and dimensions of me are then activated and I bilocate in some way. These adventures are not part of my human memory, at least not presently; although there is lots of information that this is temporary and these memories will return along with many others when the veils are lifted.

A great deal of the work I am doing is related to bringing truth to humanity and the universe is working with me in a variety of ways such that this work can be carried out and can contribute to a smooth and orderly transfer of power, bringing oneness to all of humanity. Truth and oneness are inextricably linked and that is part of what is blocking humanity at present. Truth is still being repressed, not only by the media worldwide, but also by the unawakened masses. They do not want the truth about how the world has been operating and the gap between what the masses believe to be truth and what is truth is very wide indeed.
9/11 is a focal point for this dichotomy. The ruling elite chose a very public stage and the events of that day were televised around the world. The official story is a fabrication and has many holes, many gaps between what was seen and the official story. A variety of streams are targeting to find the truth and this struggle between truth and the ruling elite’s cover story continues to create waves. The unawakened masses continue to live with their head in the sand because, like Jack Nicholson’s character said in A Few Good Men, ‘You can’t handle the truth.’ In the same way, the unawakened masses cannot handle the truth. The truth is that the government of their country conspired in the coldblooded killing of thousands of American citizens for purposes related to self interest and taking away freedoms from the people.
That flies in the face of what the unawakened masses have been told by their government and by their media and presents a stark choice. One woman shared her story of awakening to the truth. She read a well reasoned debunking of the 9/11 cover story and went for an hour long walk. The truth hit her with the power of a paradigm shift and she realized her life would never again be as it was; she would devote herself to getting the truth out.

This is the power of a paradigm shift and because it has such power, it is resisted by many. None the less, it will be experienced by millions, make that billions over the next few months as the truth will soon be humanity’s shared experience.

Freedom for humanity…


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