My Friend Steve

Steve and I met in the fall of 2007 at a training session for a healing modality. He is a walk-in from a car accident in 2003 and was in the process of awakening to that fact. He walked into a body and a life situation that was out of integrity and much of my contribution to our friendship has been to show Steve how to live in integrity within a human body.
Many current human walk-ins are highly evolved souls here for a specific mission related to ascension and to getting earth and humanity back onto their evolutionary path after a detour of several millennia where our planet and humanity was high jacked by service to self masters. These masters imposed limited consciousness on humanity and exploited both humanity and earth for their own self interested purposes. Despite being highly evolved, Steve accepted the veil of limited consciousness and limited capabilities including complete amnesia in terms of his origins and his mission. Like the rest of us, these highly evolved walk-ins have to start from scratch and learn in the process of living.
Steve has a strong connection to Lucifer and this connection had to be resolved in order to live the mission he came to live. An expression of this connection was a tendency to accept dark agendas within his sphere of influence. Sometime in 2010, he met and later married his wife. Her mission was to help him make the choice to serve only the Light. For Steve, this began as a choice and over a period of several months evolved into a way of life. He now has a mantra that names his choice of serving only the Light that he uses when new energy approaches him. It wards off self interested energies and reminds Steven of the choices he has made.
When this work was largely complete the wife’s soul decided to walk-out and to give up her body to a walk-in soul who has worked with Steve in previous lifetimes and may well be Steve’s completion; the other half of the pair Source created long ago. The walk-in occurred earlier this year. They are now working together as a formidable team in achieving Steve’s mission; very likely a shared mission.

Stephen carries a bright light by virtue of his aura, a reflection of his highly evolved soul. This attracts many visitors to his life, and some are self interested; e.g. ‘Please, Steve, will you help me to do what I want to do.’ In the fall of 2008, Steve helped me leave a detour and we went into an energy healing business together. My vision for the business was based on a previously lifetime where I created a center for ascension and in many ways I attempted to recreate that lifetime. This was not what either of us is here for in this lifetime and the venture collapsed with each of us learning lessons and using this experience to advance our true mission. My vision at the time was based on serving the greater good, but none the less, targeted to co-opt Steve and use his light in service of a vision Steve did not wholeheartedly share.
My sense is Stephen’s mission is related to the connections between earth and humanity. Much of this connection has been lost during the self interested and exploitive era of duality and part of this mission is to re-establish the bonds between humanity and our home, Gaia or Mother Earth. Earth is also undergoing great change as she shifts from a home for third dimension life forms into a home for fifth dimensional life forms. Humanity is part of this shift but it includes all of nature, everything living and alive. These earth shifts include a new energy grid and new portals for receiving energy and communicating with the rest of the cosmos.

Very recently, Steve freed himself of other obligations in order to be fully available for these earth changes. In late August, he played a role as the earth divided into two, one the home for those who choose to stay in the third dimension and the other the home for the ascended earth and higher dimensional life it will house. Recently, he and his wife got their latest assignment; to shut down an existing portal in the Great Lakes region of Canada and reopen it within the higher dimensional frequencies. These next few months until the December solstice will see a continuation of this earth energy work and Steve is now fully available as this work takes place around the globe.
These earth changes are one of the critical threads as earth and humanity move toward life in the higher dimensions.
Freedom for humanity…


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