The Right Brain Path to Ascension

The dates for Ascension remain firm and unmovable for both earth and humanity. Earth will ascend on 12-12-12 and humanity will ascend nine days later on 12-21-12.
My logical left brain keeps saying, ‘First we oust the ruling elite, then we have an orderly transfer of power, then comes disclosure and truth. Duality is ended and oneness is now our shared reality. After that the masses awaken and have time to adjust as their world has been turned upside down. Then comes the choice point where each of us makes the heart based choice to ascend or to remain in the third dimension. Only then can Ascension take place.’
I have always seen several months elapsing between the awakening of the masses and the choice point. We are now less than four months from humanity’s ascension and there is yet to be a transfer of power let alone disclosure and truth. The masses remain deep in their slumber and duality continues as our way of life. Wake up and smell the roses, John. It is not going to happen as per your logical left brain.

Let’s take a right brain look at the situation and see what we can see. From here we have seven billion choice points. From here, each human heart is a choice point and the world of form is not the determining factor. From here, the world of form can be in any of the above stages and it really does not matter.
What has been happening is that each of us has been bombarded with cosmic energies over the past couple of years and this bombardment has increased in intensity month by month. Time is speeding up as the end of Mayan calendar approaches and correspondingly, the intensity of the cosmic energies is increasing. This cosmic energy originates in Source and like rain, falls on the just and unjust equally. It also falls on the awakened and the unawakened equally.
This cosmic energy is designed to awaken the unawakened, inform the uninformed and level the playing field. We are all equals in terms of receiving this cosmic energy and in terms of assimilating the information therein contained. It is right brain energy and treats each of us as being individually sovereign.
In and of itself, this bombardment of cosmic energy is sufficient to drive the choice point within each of us. This cosmic energy can also read the choice each of us makes and then place each of us in our chosen timeline. There is no need for the logical left brain process I have imagined and in fact that process does not fully respect individual sovereignty.

The right brain process of cosmic energy is the process that is being used.
For those choosing Ascension, all will unfold in glorious splendor and we will collectively ascend along with Gaia, our beloved planet, who will support us and provide us a fifth dimensional home in which to enjoy the great new adventure in full consciousness as we ply our evolutionary path as multidimensional humanity; our path of oneness and of abundance as fully fledged members of the Galactic Federation of Light playing whatever role we choose in bringing oneness to the entire universe in our shared return journey back to Source. Duality cannot contaminate the Ascended world as cosmic law does not allow duality and service to self to rise above the fourth dimension. The shared timeline will be up to each of us collectively and individually but duality will not be among the options.
For those choosing to remain in the third dimension, the picture related to duality is not as clear. The ruling elite hope to continue as humanity’s rulers and as such will choose to impose duality upon humanity. Otherwise, they cannot rule. That timeline remains possible but as more and more of humanity awakens, that timeline loses strength and becomes less and less likely.

Writing this has been very helpful. I intend to ascend on 12-21-12 and until then intend to do all I can in support of ending duality and bringing oneness into our shared third dimensional timeline. Already, through containment, the ruling elite have been ousted. We have over three months remaining on a shared timeline and in that time, my intention is to do all I can to effect an orderly transfer of power, to bring about disclosure and truth; and to support the newly awakened as they transcend their personal veils. Collectively, humanity is on the logical and linear path as outlined in the second paragraph and I intend to do all I can to support this path and see it to its glorious conclusion.
Doing so creates a third dimensional timeline that embraces oneness and is a stepping stone to the higher dimensions. This opens up a timeline where all of humanity can once again be reunited in oneness and abundance as multidimensional beings.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to The Right Brain Path to Ascension

  1. Leslie says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of information on 12/12/12 and the ascension of mankind into the 5Th dimension. It sounds fascinating and I hope that it will happen however I don’t believe it will. In 2000 everyone was of the belief that there would be widespread calamity. And we know how that turned out. Do you truly have some inside knowledge of this or is your belief based on hope? What will you do if 12/12/12 arrives and absolutely nothing has changed? Will you be okay? You s

    • Thanks Leslie
      For about six months from April to October of 2011 I lived in the mindspace of accepting that Ascension may not happen on 12-12-12 (Earth) or 21-12-12 (Humanity) and I found it did not matter. My path remained valid and is resulting in a great deal of personal growth and expanded consciousness. Of interest, I ‘knew’ the 2000 stuff was all fear based and illusory so not everyone was of the belief. 🙂
      Each of us has inside knowledge from Source and from other high beings. In 2006-07 I spent over 50 days in meditation, including five meditation retreats of 7 to 10 days each. In the process, I surrendered to Source in order to live my mission. That is how I have lived my life ever since.

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