Clearing the Etheric and Astral Planes

Last night I was awakened by what felt like emptiness, almost a hole in my heart chakra; a very unpleasant feeling. I ‘knew’ it was all energetic and had nothing to do with my physical body, else I would have feared a heart attack. For the next hour I lay awake and worked on restoring my chakras to full functioning and full health. After several minutes, I found I could discharge the negative energies causing the feeling. I clear negative energies on an ongoing basis as that seems a service I am providing to humanity and to earth. I clear (discharge) negative energies to ground, into the earth where they are transmuted and become energies supporting the Light. It was much harder than normal with these energies of last night but I found I could do it with the help of my guides and by surrendering my pain and discomfort to Source. Over the next half hour or so, I cleared the emptiness and my heart chakra once again felt healthy and whole. The negative energies then began accumulating in other chakras, third eye, throat, solar plexus and I kept clearing them until they were gone and I fell back to sleep over an hour after I had been awakened. While I write this I am getting a confirming warm and expansive heart chakra sensation, familiar and beautiful.

Yesterday I learned that Ascension is not tied to the clearing work of ousting the ruling elite but is an independent process based on the sovereign connections each human has with Source. This also makes the clearing work an independent process.
I asked to understand this energetic episode and it has been linked to the following information that it seems I am to trust. The earth is the last stronghold of the once vast reptilian empire that originated in Orion. My origins are also in Orion so I have had many losing battles with this empire. Now the tables are turned and this will be a winning battle for the Light, and decisive as well. Most of the reptilian empire turned inward about fifteen years ago, leaving conquered territory, and is pursuing Light based options. By some reports these reptilian nations are now part of the Galactic Federation of Light, but that information may not be entirely accurate. Anyway, they walked away from nearly all of their once vast empire held by fear and subjugation. All that now remains is earth! This is the last stronghold.
The empire used many methods and resources to subjugate and control conquered planets and one was the creation of minions, who ‘shadowed’ conquered races and used psychological weak points to keep them in fear and prevent them accessing the Light. These minions reside in the non-physical levels such as the etheric and astral planes. They are here around earth and around humanity and clearing them is taking time. That is what is currently delaying disclosure and delaying humanity’s shift into oneness. These minions still have power and because this is the last stronghold, they are here in great numbers. The work I did last night is related to clearing these minions.

What I am getting is the clearing work is underway on many fronts. Containment is one front and that is taking place on an ever growing scale in our physical reality. Disclosure is another front and one of my friends just contacted me saying she has been promoted to commander of an ET space ship that is to play a role in bringing disclosure into our reality. She is human and does not fully trust this information or her experiences on board the ship and we can relate as humans playing roles in this great process of regaining humanity’s freedom. As I told her, ‘In limited consciousness, with three D bodies and DNA we do not experience the higher dimensions as ‘real’ and that creates doubt. Trust your experience, my friend. We are also multidimensional and holographic so part of you is likely already on board that ship. Just keep following your guidance.’
Another front is on the etheric and astral planes. These are energetic planes inhabited by non-physical beings and planes which most humans fear. These planes around earth and around humanity have long been controlled by our off planet masters and heavily populated by mind control and psychic control reporting to our off world masters. Clearing these control mechanisms from the etheric and astral planes is taking time and until this work is done, duality remains in force. This next month is the final push to clear these forces. The work I did last night is part of this and this work may well be front and center for me until its inevitable success. Inevitable because it is supported by Source and supported by the Light and the vast resources now aligned in support of humanity’s regaining their freedom.
Freedom for humanity…


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