100 Days

Today is one hundred days from humanity’s ascension, a little over three months until the world shifts in unimaginable ways. One hundred days has special meaning for me as my spiritual journey began with a one hundred day trial period. It went something like this:
The life I was living began losing its allure and my calling began to intrude upon me. Looking back I realize my soul was saying, ‘Time to wake up, John. It is time to leave behind all these diversions and devote yourself to doing what you came to do. The world is now ready and your contributions can now be given and received.’
In June of 2004, I honoured my soul’s call and took the intention of devoting time and resources to my spiritual development. My awakening had occurred years before and I had been dabbling and coasting along, growing increasingly dissatisfied with a non-spiritual approach to living my life. I was playing a computer game in my free time and took the intention of ending that activity and filling in the available time with activities aimed at my spiritual development. I knew how to meditate and began to meditate instead of playing the game.
Five or six weeks later, in early August a choice point occurred that seemed quite difficult. As I wrestled with that choice, the realization occurred that if spiritual development was my priority, the choice was clear. I decided to act as if spiritual development was my priority and made the choice accordingly. This simplified my decision making process. I continued to act as if spiritual development was my priority on an ongoing basis, and found that each choice point was easily made within that frame of reference. My life began to shift and I acted as if that was fine with me.
One hundred days later, in November of 2004, I was watching a movie with my wife in our home. When the movie ended, I began to cry. The movie was not a sad movie and in no way accounted for the outpouring of emotion I was feeling. I asked my wife to leave me to deal with these emotions and went deep into meditation. What I found was that I was no longer acting as if; I had become a person with spiritual development as my priority. The emotion was grieving the passing of my lost priorities.
A year and a half later, I surrendered to Divinity. This was an extension of making spiritual development my priority as I voluntarily turned over all choice points and followed the guidance given me. Aside from a three month detour in 2008, that is how I have lived my life ever since. Change is inevitable in every life and this is certainly true of a life lived in surrender. The difference is that change is welcomed rather than resisted. For the last six plus years, that is how I have lived.

We have now entered the final hundred day countdown to the greatest shifts in the history of humanity. My life of surrender has allowed me to walk the path I came to walk and to live my mission. My life of surrender has allowed me to be a way-shower and a pathfinder for humanity as we approach the ascension event. Here is my understanding of what is in store for us as individuals.
Individually, each of us will be presented with a choice point. This is a free will universe so each of us will be given the free will choice of either continuing life in the third dimension or ascending along with Mother Earth into the higher dimensions, specifically the fifth dimension. This choice is being made at the heart level of each individual and for many; the choice will be below the level of their conscious awareness. None the less, each of us at the heart level will be informed and each of us will understand the choice to be made. Then each of us will make our free will choice. This is all happening in accordance with a Divine plan and in concert with the energies being beamed to earth and to each individual. It is essentially a choice of service to self or service to others. In the higher dimensions, service to others is foundational and those who are not yet ready to do this will not ascend. The term good heart or big hearted is the key here and is the real determinant.
Already, two earths have been birthed into existence; one for those choosing to ascend and one for those choosing to continue living in the third dimension. That shift is now one hundred days away.
In these one hundred days, I intend to do all that is mine to do in terms of birthing a third dimensional timeline that ends duality and brings oneness and abundance into the shared reality of the human three D experience.
Freedom for humanity…


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