Manifest the Greater Good

As we wait for the ruling elite’s house of cards to fall which includes their control over the world’s media, it is easy to forget the powerful being each of us is and fall into what I call impatient patience. If you are human and living on this earth at this pivotal time, you have great power. That truth has been deliberately withheld from you and covered over in so many ways but truth is truth and you can make great contributions simply by being who you are and holding the intention to do all that is yours to do in terms of manifesting the change we all want to see.
Spend some time developing a vision of what you would like to see here on earth in terms of humanity’s freedom, world leadership that targets the greater good, abundance for all, disclosure and truth, and individual sovereignty. This is my list and you are free to add or subtract as you see fit. Remember, we are targeting the greater good here, in fact we are targeting the greatest good and that includes your good. Make some notes if that helps you or even write it down somewhere, or not. Use whatever methods appeal to you or have worked for you in the past.

Now here is a simple method of manifesting what you have envisioned:
Get into a meditative state if you know how to meditate. If not, find a quiet and comfortable spot and take three deep breaths.
Imagine a gigantic sphere with you in the middle, the bigger the sphere the better. This sphere is the sphere of infinite possibilities.
Imagine a future you sitting facing you about three to ten meters (yards) away.
Collect all of the things you want in your greater good vision from the field of infinite possibilities and send them to the future you. You may be able to see the smile on the face of your future you.
Connect to the future you through one of your chakras. Start with your solar plexus chakra, your gut as this works for most people. As you get used to this method, you can experiment with other chakras as each is a different experience. Send an umbilical cord between the two versions of your self to make the desired connection.
Give thanks for all that your future self is experiencing.
Step into your future self or bring your future self into you, whichever feels right to you.
You are now experiencing that which you are manifesting. Continue for as long as feels appropriate.
I have been working with this process now for the past couple of weeks and I can feel its power.

Humanity is waking up and the ruling elite are powerless to prevent it. The ruling elite’s leadership is contained, which is an angelic process that prevents them from taking any actions that do not serve the greater good. As a result, the leadership of the ruling elite is on the sidelines and can no longer interfere with the manifestation of all that we as Lightworkers hold dear.
We now have a clear and unopposed pathway to manifest whatever we desire, whatever serves the greater good. Let’s get busy and create what we want right here in the third dimension, right here in our shared reality here on earth; right here right now. You are a powerful and creative being and you are supported in amazing ways. Our time is now. Groups are even more powerful so organize, or not, as you see fit.
Manifest the greater good.
Freedom for humanity…


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