A Star Ship Invitation

I have been asked to be a crewmember on an Inter-Galactic Inter-Dimensional Mother Ship; a star ship involved with disclosure. The ship recently promoted an earth-human, named Portia, into the role of ship commander. Another aspect of Portia has been serving on board ship for some time; and mostly beyond the veils of memory, Portia has been joined her other aspect on many occasions, especially during sleep. It is Portia who extended me the invitation.

The sun often has information for me when mulling things over and I went sungazing this morning asking if the greater good would be served by accepting this invitation. The answer was clear cut; yes the greater good is served by me accepting this invitation as long as I can continue to write my blog while being a crew member. And so, Portia, that is my answer. Yes, I accept the invitation to be a crew member on your star ship providing I can continue to write my blog while in that service.

It could be that I am making too much of this and I will explain. I am aware that much of my present day contributions to humanity’s freedom and to ascension are taking place in my sleeping hours. What I do during those hours is not known to me and I bring back no memories or other evidence that my sleep activity is anything other than what it has always been. At the level of cognizance, I am aware of making contributions in my sleep and of working with supporting ETs including the angelic kingdom. On some occasions, my human form is required and I am awakened in order to do some specific work, usually related to clearing negative energies from the earth environment but also things like acting as a template or a human guinea pig for upgrades to the human body that will be needed for bringing our bodies into the fifth and possibly higher dimensions. These experiences are part of my memory; while the sleep experiences are not.
Point being that serving as a crew member on the star ship may take the form of the sleep work I am presently involved in doing and will then have no evidence procedure. I will simply add this work to the work I am already doing in my sleeping hours and have no memory of it, no conscious awareness. If this is the case, my life will not change at all within my conscious memory until such time as first contact and disclosure become part of our shared experience. Meanwhile, the work I do as a star ship crew member will simply be another aspect of my sleep time contributions, that carry no evidence procedure and are beyond the memory of my earthly existence.

My precondition of retaining the ability to write my blog implies a desire to have these experiences as part of my conscious memory. Does that serve the greater good? I am getting confirmation that it does. Thus, I take the intention of having my crew member experience as part of my conscious human memory and as experience that is available to me for inclusion in my blog; like any of my other human experiences. A principle I currently use is that when people share things in my human experience, what they share is fodder for my blog. I respect their confidentiality in that sharing but the experience itself is now part of my experience and available for inclusion in my blog. Crew membering on a star ship fits that category and I intend to report aspects of this experience as seems appropriate for my blog and my blog’s intention of serving the greater good.
I am aware of people who have asked that aspects of their sleep work be included in their conscious memory and who now report on these experiences. I hereby take the intention of having these star ship experiences as part of my conscious memory.
Exciting times.
Freedom for humanity…


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