Taking Back Our Power – An Update

Since fielding a call from Steve on Saturday, my focus and my energies have been directed at supporting him and the work he is currently doing to shut down an existing portal in the Great Lakes region of Canada. The work includes reconfiguring the portal to make it suitable for the ascended world soon to come and then reopening it, but it feels as though I will not be significantly involved in these aspects as they are Steve’s to do and I have no real expertise that is needed.
I do have expertise in terms of clearing the energies of duality and in terms of dealing with entities and energies that are becoming obsolete and these skills were a part of shutting down the existing 3D portal. I have already reported my experience and some of my contributions in my post called Supporting Steve and this morning was a concluding chapter.
I was awakened a five in the morning and lay awake with no real agenda but unable to fall back to sleep. At first, I though it may be another issue in my life but slowly it came to me that I was supporting Steve and the work he was doing two time zones away to close the portal. I directed my attentions to this matter and held space for Steve’s success. After close to an hour, I began to get confirmation that the work was successful and my contributions were no longer needed and I fell back to sleep with joy flooding my heart.
When I woke for the day at my normal time, I called Steve and we compared notes. He had gotten up about the time I was awakened and had begun to work on closing the portal. Unlike the night before, he had no visitors in the night and no interference occurred as he worked to shut down the portal. It had been smooth sailing. His sensation of success came about an hour later than mine, understandable as my work was to ensure he was not interfered with and his work included the actual closing procedures.

This work is one stream of many as humanity moves toward the dual objectives of ascension and taking back our power. I will give a brief update on the steam of taking back our power. The umbrella process is containment and the angelic kingdom continues to support humanity by placing intransigent and obstructive humans in containment, where they can no longer take obstructive actions. This means the various steams of taking back our power are proceeding at a very rapid pace. Key people in world leadership are either cooperating or being placed under containment where they cannot interfere.
The inertia of the existing duality systems continues and the veil of the ruling elite’s illusion continues to hold but is thinning daily and when the first rent appears there will be no turning back.
Clearing of duality entities and energies from the etheric and astral planes continues on many fronts and Steve’s portal work is an example.
Disclosure took a major move forward when a group of citizens produced a video inviting disclosure on behalf of humanity. World leadership is now on notice that they can and will be bypassed if no one steps forward with an official invitation.
Financial reform continues behind the scenes with the new oneness systems being cued up in readiness for a seamless transition and intransigent bankers and financial experts being placed in containment so this work makes steady and rapid progress. It is a huge undertaking (pun not intended) but we shall soon see our present duality financial systems malfunction and be replaced by oneness systems to make way for abundance and a world where no one has to work. That will be quite the change don’t you think. LOL
Political hot spots are being monitored and contained as necessary, so the ruling elite’s long successful ploy of creating conflict and wars will not succeed. Syria, Libya, China and most particularly the US will not be able to ferment a world conflict that derails the overall ‘taking back our power’ initiative.

Oneness and abundance will soon be our shared reality in the third dimension. Imagine the effect on the unawakened masses! That is the reason it is taking so long. The old systems are being set up to fail, a natural result of their unsustainable nature, and the world as we know it will irreversible shift. For people like you and I, this will be a welcome change. For the unawakened, it will be a major shock.
Dealing with the shock and the effects of the paradigm shift is humanity’s next big hurdle.
Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to Taking Back Our Power – An Update

  1. WhiteKnight says:

    Containment is not as we are led to think. It is important to get this message out. Don’t go into dispair, however the containment misunderstanding has caused some active in the fight with the cabal to doubt their missions with ill affect.
    Channelling is not easy and it is possible for the ego to sometimes superimpose on the channel, especially if it is thought we already know what is being said. The ego can be extremely cunning.
    I certify that I have seen a firefight between dark and light forces, this IS a war.
    *Please check this link and wake up* there is nothing to gain in this message and there are no services being sold. Your role is to awaken people to the realities. It’s too late to hedge.

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