Brithing a Onenesss Third Dimensional Timeline

Some of the information coming my way comes via claircognizance, a process without an evidence procedure where information is simply placed into my awareness. One moment I do not know something and the next moment I do. I have no answer for the question ‘How do you know?’ and used to distrust this type of information.
I have learned to trust this information as it has proven reliable and is often confirmed at a later date from other sources. These are welcomed occasions as I still retain an evidence procedure for things I read or are told by others which is that they go into a maybe category until confirmed by an independent source.
Back to claircognizance. I was recently informed that Ascension and ‘taking back our power’ are not linked which came as a shock to me as I have long believed that taking back our power was a prerequisite for Ascension. ‘Not so’ came the information a little over a week ago. Ascension is happening on an immovable schedule independent of the taking back our power work. Earth will ascend on 12-12-12 and humanity will ascend on 21-12-12; and where we are in terms of taking back our power is irrelevant. This was counterintuitive to me but once I approached Ascension from a right brain, perhaps a whole brain, point of view it made perfect sense. Ascension is not a linear process or a thinking driven process, Ascension is a process outside of time and a heart driven process.

Today, I read some channelled information from SaLuSa, the leader of the Galactic Federation of Light’s earth mission and I quote. ‘Regardless of what you may have thought, there is no rush to complete the changes before Ascension. Indeed the process was always going to run into the New Year, when we will have a greater opportunity to work together.’ The changes he referred to are ‘taking back our power’ changes, things like financial change and new governments and oneness. What welcome confirmation of the information I had cognized earlier in the month.
There is however a major difference between SaLuSa’s perspective and my own. SaLuSa appears to be not concerned with those choosing to remain in the third dimension or the path they take. SaLuSa focuses on those choosing to ascend and on the timeline for this portion of humanity. My perspective still includes those ‘left behind’, those who are either unable or unwilling to ascend as of the December solstice. As a good friend pointed out, we are all one, and part of my targeting timeline is the birthing of a timeline where third dimensional humanity takes back their power in the same or similar ways as those moving into the fifth dimension. That means the financial change, the new governance of oneness supporters, and support for individual sovereignty has to extend into the third dimension.

As I write this, I can feel the complexity. Those ascending will easily make these shifts. The ruling elite will not be able to ascend due to their service to self orientation so fifth dimensional humanity will have an unimpeded march toward oneness systems, oneness governance and the individual sovereignty that is a natural part of oneness. What about those who choose not to ascend, who choose to stay in the third dimension? Some of these will be choosing duality. What about them?
SaLuSa’s mission is to support Ascension and ultimately to ensure it happens in accordance with the predetermined schedule. What happens to those left behind is not part of SaLuSa’s mission. I may be oversimplifying or even incorrect, but that is my present understanding.
Earth has long been part of the Angelic Kingdom and the Angelics have a broader mission involving all of humanity. That broader mission is based on the universal promise that we all return to Source. The Angelic’s introduced containment into the earth equation. Containment has rarely been used and had not been part of the processes SaLuSa had used in similar initiatives. Containment has far reaching impacts. People placed in containment can no longer engage in activities counter to the greater good and containment has no expiry date except as decided by the angelic hierarchy. My interpretation of the purpose and scope of containment is to clean up earth governance and end top down imposed duality for the masses of humanity.

I am reminded of mentoring a young woman a few years ago and the flow of consciousness that came to me, ‘The third dimension does not have to be the ugly experience of today. It can be beautiful and full of joy, full of cooperation.’ That was true then and remains true today. With the miracle of containment humanity is ending the rule of self interest within the third dimension and birthing a cooperative third dimensional experience of oneness and individual sovereignty. I throw my lot in with this initiative and add my consciousness to the birthing of this third dimensional timeline of oneness, abundance and individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity…


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